Rangers Fans Against Hicks!

Rangers Fans Against Hicks 

Time to turn up the heat and do all we can to run Tom Hicks out of Tarrant County.  I don’t know the man.  It’s not personal.  But he’s been a terrible baseball owner.  He’s ruining my favorite team. 

The players seem to have had it with Hicks.  Michael Young seems borderline manic at the yo-yo ownership style (wouldn’t be surprised if he demands a trade in a year or two).  Tex wants out so bad he’s acting poorly.  ARod left in a huff because of broken promises Hicks made.  And this is the first season I can remember in which the team was so bad that not one of the Rangers several All-Star caliber players had enough around him to perform at a level truly deserving of an All-Star bid (Michael represented the team well – great class as always – but we all know he wouldn’t have gone if not for the one representative per team clause).

Fans are disgusted with the teams play, their horrible finishes under Hicks and ancillary issues.  The Ballpark is becoming a circus tent, even after that stupid Amerique$t bell is gone.  Now that Hicks owns FC Liverpool, I’m betting the Rangers will be the first team in American professional sports to replace the logo on their jerseys with a sponsors ad.  I can barely afford to take my son to a game while the team’s salary has plummeted despite playing in the nation’s 4th largest MSA.

The organization’s coaches can’t say so, but they must be fed up with all the coaching and related changes at every level of the organization.

The media’s finally caught on.  Not that many of them are very trustworthy, but still, every sports reporter in North Texas has or has come close to calling for Hicks’ head.  And the national media have lambasted the team, making them a national joke.

Free agents aren’t beating a path here, not even hitters who should love to play in The Ballpark.  What does that say about how players across the majors view the Rangers organization?

Rumor has it that Nolan Ryan wants to own one of the Texas team – how great would that be!

So, Tom – pack ’em up.  We’ve had it with your terrible performance.  Seriously, would you not fire someone with your track record?  Sell the team and make some money.  Keep building Glory Park if you must and keep making money from that.  But please turn most of your attention back to Dallas and try not to mess up the Stars or the Mesquite Rodeo anymore.  You can’t live off of one Stanley Cup forever, especially one won in the infancy of your ownership.  And have fun in Liverpool (FC Liverpool fans, you can have Hicks.  Write when you tire of him, and we’ll help you run him out).

For what it’s worth, this post begins a new series dedicated to uniting fans against Hicks in support of any owner more committed to building a championship caliber team than fattening his/her wallet.

If you agree that Hicks needs to go, please state so in a comment below.  If you disagree, please tell us why (and we’ll try to read without laughing).

Anyone interested, please feel free to use the (currently rudamentary but workable) logo above on your blog, Web site, e-mail, posts, etc to symbolize your support of the movement and that you are standing up as a Rangers Fan Against Hicks!


109 responses to “Rangers Fans Against Hicks!

  1. I wholeheartedly and totally agree. I believe I’ve said this before: the Rangers will never win a pennant, much less World Series as long as Hicks owns them.

    I hadn’t heard about Nolan wanting to buy the Rangers or the “Stro’s. That would be incredible…

    P.S. I love the logo above. You should get a few hats like that made up so they can be worn to the Ballpark.

  2. rangersorrobbers

    Merchandising to follow!

  3. TradeTeixeriaFoundation

    Hicks what a schmuck he screwed the rangers, the stars,and next liverpool lets get this tight-wad out of here….

  4. Fun fact: The only reason I’m never going to sign with the Texas Rangers is because Tom Hicks has demanded that I go by “The Beav” in all official team functions.

  5. rangersorrobbers

    Hicks would turn to a “Beaver” promotion if it sold more tickets! Imagine this radio ad from Hicks and Cicus-Freak Cogen: “The first 10,000 male fans over 18 will enjoy “Free Beaver” night at the Ballpark! You could use some baseball!”

  6. TradeTeixeriaFoundation

    Blake Beavan thats not really him…

  7. rangersorrobbers

    Really? 🙂

  8. TradeTeixeriaFoundation


  9. hey guys,
    im a Liverpool FC fan and lately we have run into trouble as well. dont say we told u so but yea, it seems hicks told or manager that u focus on coaching and we will talk about transfers in december. This happened in october and the problem with this is that our manager is at the meoment one of the top men around. Tactically he cant be beaten and over the past 3 years he has run the club and bought players who aare very cheap and develped them. Now with hick and george(his co owner) as owners we were promised a new stadium which seems to be almost ready but we were also promised funding to build a world class team. In europe you can only buy players in june july august or january and u ahve to talk to the player atleast a month before to make the deal final otherwise u lose the player to some other club(franchise in ur terms). Hicks thinks that our cheif executive should handle the transfer where as our manager is the one who knows the teams needs and is responsible for results. All european clubs give the manager power and this move by hicks caused a comment by our manager in the media. After a few weeks the papers read our manager is on the verdge of losing his job and us fans had to back the manager during the game and by performing a demo. Now taht is the background story. I want to know if hicks can understand european ways and keep do his job of funding us and supporting us in the future? if he doesnt then us fans will soon have to do what we always do, and that is to call for his immidate departure. Please explain if this can improve. Our website is Thisisanfield.com and it would mean alot if one of you could ost an article over there. Cheers lads, an hope texas takes the world series next year, fingers crossed!

  10. Hi, I just ran across this comment. This blog has not been updated in a long time.

    But as for your question about Hicks – don’t count on him doing anything that would be considered SMART! I have to say I’ve been sorely disappointed with the way certian Texans make a bad name for all other Texans. The good thing you have going for your team is that you guys are all banding together to tell him what you think. Maybe that will work.

    If showing support for your manager through petitions doesn’t work I would recommend speaking to Hicks in the only language he truly speaks: by banding together and agreeing to STOP GIVING HIM YOUR MONEY until he does what you guys want him to do.

    Good luck to you guys!

  11. hicks is an idiot… period.

  12. argh! get rid of him!!!!!!!!!!
    LFC unite!

  13. We all hate him too! lets work together to ge this guy out!

  14. We all hate him as well, the man is a pratt and is single handedly trying to destroy our club.

    I’m going to write a post about it on my blog in a few hours, so give that a read if you want (click my name on this post).

  15. Hey

    Hicks is just doing the same with our beloved club Liverpool F.C. Liverpoolians wants him and Gillet our. Hicks have dragged Liverpool through tge mud since he took over the majority at Liverpool with George Gillet. LIVERPOOL FANS WANT HIM OUT!!!!

  16. Get this useless waste of space out of LFC right now.
    You are going to ruin our club, even if you wanted another manager you dont tell the world you had, had a meeting with the man.

    You have made us a laughing stock you have dissrespected our great manager, the sooner you sell up the better.

  17. Rahul~Liverpool FC


    Us Liverpool FC fans want him to get out as well. He’s forcing out the best manager we have had in 20 years and the club is rapidly spiralling into deep trouble. 100% of Liverpool FC fans want him out. He’s an idiot and this was apparent when he called our team/club a ‘franchise’ and said Liverpool FC isa business which is about brand value and not about winning. He doesn’t know *** about football(soccer to you) and the sooner he gets the hell out, the better.

  18. Welsh Liverpool fan

    Hicks is ruining Liverpool FC. We are the most successful club in English football, and he’s making us rubbish.

    GET HICKS OUT!!!!!

  19. Poor Scouser Tommy

    A great man once said “Liverpool FC exists as a source of pride for its supporters. It has no other purpose”. well right now as a results of tom hicks and george gillett i feel little pride in the way OUR CLUB is being run. And i will make my feelings heard ( aswell as 45,000 other fans) tomorrow night at the Luton game at Anfield. IN RAFA WE TRUST

  20. I’ll be at Anfield tomorrow and will also be venting my anger at Hicks. He has dug himself a big hole by not backing Rafa. You are a muppet and will not win against the might of the Kopites.


  21. Liverpool FC fan

    Haha, seems like we got ourself someone to share our pain with.
    Yes, just as hicks mess stuff for you, him and the little friend of his (gillet) doing same to us.
    All we can ask for now is to get rid of him, he makes us look like a joke near every other football club (including teams from 3rd league) from around the world.

  22. Let’s rape him!!!

  23. Hicks is a f*cking spaz

  24. im a LiverpoolFC fan and Hicks is a f…… idiot. He s leadership reminds me of my self at the age of 8.

  25. Not surprised to see this happening to another club, we need hicks out of LFC!!!


    I hate him so much, he is ruining Liverpool.


  27. This guy is destroying my team, the team ive supported for 40 years. I can however assure you Rangers fans that if he thinks he can fuck the LFC fan base over he has a BIG shock coming

  28. Joel R- LFC 4 Life

    Hicks is the biggest cunt of the highest order. The way he and that gremlin Gillett have ran our club is a complete and utter joke. GET THEM OUT!!!!!

  29. Rafa’s goin nowhere, Rafa’s goin nowhere lalalalala…. Hicks has made a huge mistake in not backing Rafa the Gaffa. Rafa is the best manager we’ve had since Dalglish. Pissin off hundreds of thousands of Kopites is NOT somethin’ you wanna be doin!!
    I hope the Rangers Fans get him out, I, for one have signed the petition. I just hope we follow suit and get rid too!!


  31. I refuse to use foul mouthed language but it is getting increasingly hard. Sell up now & let us do what we know best as you have no idea on what you are doing. You are not doing youself any favours so please quit now.

  32. Hicks out of Lfc if you dont back Rafa then fuck off back to America.IN RAFA WE TRUST

  33. Let’s gang rape him!!!!!!!

  34. Can these fuckers not be hounded out?!!!

    We both need to pull together to save our clubs…

    Burn the bastard!


  35. This guys is screwing our team over too. we are the laughing stock over his broken promises, backtracking , lies and incompetence. we gotta get rid of him too. the guys a total tosser.

  36. Justice for the 96

    Tom Hicks – stay the hell away from sport! You’re ruining it for hundreds of thousands of people just to get yourself richer! Have you really no concept how hated you are by Rangers and Liverpool fans. Leave the club I love alone, and give Rangers fans their club back. Maybe go into theatre like Kenwright or something. Join up with Andrew Lloyd Weber. No-one would give a shit if you fucked up Cats. But leave the sport of working-class people alone. You have no right to be involved.

  37. Hick should never own any sporting teams, cause you know jack shit nothing!!!!

    Leave our club and sell out now!!!!

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  39. Where can I get a tshirt?? LOL

  40. We would appreciate it if you could keep all your second class “investors” at home.sorted at the Alamo
    LFC needed financial aid but all we got, tricked, was two failed US Franchise monkeys.
    We also now understand how you good Texicans feel about your club.
    Santa Ana was sorted at the Alamo, maybe LFC can turn your dum and dummer around yet.

  41. Hicks you fat, ugly, useless lying cunt.
    Leave our clubs alone.
    Fuckin do one!!!!!!

  42. Please take your dollars Hicks and get the fuck away from our Liverpool FC……not wanted and not liked.

  43. Liverpool want you out too, hicks out now!!!

  44. this clown (hicks) has a big mouth, and not a clue about football (soccer) . So I can guess he ain’t got a clue about any sports. He just wears the badge and lines his pockets. But he’s picked the wrong fight with Liverpool f.c fans. ( to much passion runs through our veins) you won’t win hicks, so get out now.

  45. Notice how the tone has lowered since the Scouse SCUM infiltrated this site…. lol

    to quote Rafasredman ‘he’s picked the wrong fight with Liverpool f.c fans.’

    Ask Juve fans, they will tell you all about picking a fight with Liverpool fans.


  46. It seems that all the people here want Hicks out of their club, be it the Texas Rangers or Liverpool FC. Both are great clubs in danger of having their diminishing status harmed further. There is strong talk of a boycott of liverpool match tickets and merchandise at the moment (around 75% of fans were in favour), so why dont you Rangers fans get on board. Its hard for one club to stand alone against Hicks, but if we get together theres a much better chance of success. He needs the income from these teams as this is all he values from them. A date for a strong boycott will no doubt be announced soon, but in the mean time sales of Liverpool merchandise have dipped dramatically (or so im told). It would be really great if both Liverpool and the Rangers fans could boycott games close to one another to send a message to Hicks. Rangers fans, is any of this feasible at your end?

  47. Hicks stay the fck away from Liverpool FC. You miserable Cretin. LFC fans hate you.

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  50. Funny this. Rangers fans thing he is doing a rough job as well.

    Well, whilst he ia ruining the Texas Rangers, he is also ruining Liverpool FC.

    We need to get Hicks out of Liverpool FC!

  51. Hicks is asset stripping scum
    he shouldn’t be allowed to own any baseball/football/hockey team
    he doesn,t care about the fans
    He just wants their money
    Hicks OUT Liverpool and The Rangers

  52. I’m a Liverpool fan and I’m tired of him, GET OUT HICKS!!!

  53. So he is ruining the Rangers and Liverpool FC, how about the Dallas Stars, has he made as bigger mess there? When will people learn not to sell their sports teams to Hicks!

  54. I’ve just posted this on our liverpoolfc.tv board. It’s an article from 1 of our Sunday papers:

    It’s long but please read, especially if you feel that we should be comfortable with the current situation and the promises of new stadium and money for players etc!!

    Tom Hicks left a legacy of furious fans, broken promises and legal wrangling after his first attempt to crack football fell apart, it has been claimed.

    The Texan tycoon’s firm Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst bought into Brazilian giants Corinthians in 1999 in a bid to tap in to the lucrative South American market.
    Just as at Liverpool, they promised a state-of-the-art stadium – but were soon left facing a fans’ backlash. And when Hicks’s company struggled to make the venture profitable, they pulled out after just three years.
    Hicks and co-owner George Gillett revealed a £350million re-financing deal for Liverpool last week which means work can commence on the club’s new 70,000-seat stadium. But a source close to Hicks said: “The company invested heavily in South America throughout the 1990s and the deal with Corinthians was part of that.

    “But the funds they set up did not return money for their investors and it went downhill completely after 9/11.
    “Hicks, Muse lost a great deal of money on the investment and it was large factor in Tom ‘retiring’ from that company.”

    Through its subsidiary PanAmerican Sports Teams, Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst invested more than £40m in Corinthians in the first year of what was supposedly a 10-year partnership alone.

    The deal was part of a project to invest in Brazilian football and broadcast it all over Latin America on the Hicks-owned TV station PSN. The cash injection fired Corinthians to victory in the 2000 World Club Cup and even gave the club the funds to sign Brazil stars Dida and Luizao.

    But the new regime infuriated fans when they started selling off star players the following summer and announced plans to change Corinthians’ famous black-and-white kit.
    One Brazilian source said: “The Americans came into Corinthians with a lot of money but did not understand the way football works. They brought in a strong team of advisers to administer the club but the way they did things was very American, in the crudest sense. The model they wanted does not function here. Things had to be done their way.
    “I can understand why Liverpool fans are angry with Hicks – but perhaps they should ask why their football industry has come to such a point that he was able to buy the club.”
    Hicks announced on Friday a £350m refinancing plan which strengthened his grip on Anfield despite fury from fans over a perceived lack of backing for boss Rafa Benitez. The deal loads £105m worth of debt on to the club, including £60m for work on the much-delayed new stadium.
    But Corinthians fans never saw the 45,000-seat ground on the outskirts of Sao Paulo which Hicks, Muse promised them in 1999. Brazilian pundit Paulo Vinicius Coelho said: “They promised a new ground and it never arrived.”
    Even though Hicks, Muse pulled out of the club in 2003 after a row with a local partner over funding, it was not until December 28 2007 that the legal wrangling between the company and Corinthians finally ended

  55. I hope you choke to death on your blood filled cancer-ridden lungs! You deserve it you old fart! If God doesn’t strike you down, I certainly would LOVE the opportunity to push you off the edge of a large cliff and then piss on you while you’re falling! You keep burning those bridges Hicks – soon you’ll have nowhere to turn to AND I’LL BE WAITING!! GET OUT OF L.F.C NOW!!!

  56. Get Hicks out of LFC now

  57. He is ruining our great club!! Hicks, does’t care about Rafa, he doesn’t care about fans, Liverpool Football club is in the wrong hands

  58. Leave, hicks, and get the f’*** out of England as well!!!!

  59. Hicks is going to bleed our club dy, he has made LFC a laughing stock and he should go now before US FANS PUSH HIM OUT – and believe me, we will.

    Good luck to the Rangers this season – You’ll Never Walk Alone

  60. Jon from Toronto

    I may be a Blue Jays fan, but being a die hard LFC fan, I sympathize with the Rangers plight. I just wish the world would open up a hole and swallow Hicks into it, never to be seen again.

  61. Hicks should stay, you lot don’t know your arm from your balance sheet.

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  63. Hicks U CUnt Fuck off from Liverpool! U r disgrace…..

  64. Get out of Liverpool Hicks, absolute arsehole, ruining our clubs tradition, you say you are a so called custodian, utter bollocks! Hope to God DIC are still around to pick up the pieces, so much promise at the beginning of Hicks’ reign, all lies!! FUCK OFF HICKS!!

  65. dare you visit LFC again, you’ll not be finding southern hospitality mr hicks, you’ll be getting full scouse viciousness and you will reap what youve sown. I fear for you

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  67. This man has to be the lowest form of speculator, he has not even used his own cash to buy Liverpool, and is now waiting to make anything between 75m and 100m profit for doing absolutly nothing.
    God help any sporting team he gets involved with, we have now seen it at corinthians, at the rangers, the dallas stars and now Liverpool.
    this man has obviously learned how to make money out of sport in the sleasiest sense possible.

    Get out Hicks, nobody wants you…

    You dont care about Rafa
    You dont care about the Fans
    Liverpool Football Club
    Is in the Wrong hands

  68. Seems many other Liverpool fans have posted on here about the poisonous, dishonest Tim Hicks so we share a common enemy in him and thus have solidarity with your fans. The demonstrations and activism are growing against him here in Liverpool and we are hitting both his pocket and his pride….it will be unrelenting until he packs up and moves on. You’ll Never Walk Alone fellow Hicks haters.

  69. tom hicks is a sleazy scumbag, LFC is an institution, not a commodity, I am scared with what he had done to corithians which have 20 millions fans world wide. But our fans are smarter and more proactive and richer, let’s kick the scumbag out of our club and yours !!!!!!

  70. HICKS OUT!!!!!!
    he’s certainly ruining liverpool!

  71. Rangers fans have it spot on, unless we all stop giving this fuck our money he will never take the hint. No more jerseys, programmes, merchandise till he goes and takes that fat hobbit Gillette with him. Best of luck with your campaign Rangers Fans,(except for Desert Ox, you can fuck off and die) S.O.S. Dubai!! YNWA

  72. liverpool fan here

    get him gone.

    .. and its liverpool FC, not the other way. a minor point, let it not spoil our concordat

  73. Hicks should be shot. Lined up infront of the Rangers, Liverpool FC, and the worldwide press and just be shot for the sacrelige he’s done to both great clubs.

    Broken promises, too much media attention, and blatent money grabbing PR stuns and schemes such as raising ticket prices and lowering wages.

    Horrible man.. i dont know why he is so resiliant to stay at both clubs seeing as though fans want him out so bad.

  74. ps. i dont mean that literally.. i dont wish death upon anyone – but he is shooting both our clubs.

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  76. D-Stars aside, I have to agree. I’m actually proud of the run the Stars have had; however, unlike the strategic in place for the stars where they have top goalies, and an aggressive defense, the Rangers are the anti-stars.. Go out, get top pitching to go w/ the big bats! It’s so obvious!

  77. Tom Hicks is one evil fucker and must be stopped before it is too late !

  78. Hicks close the fucking door on your way out lad ..you’re not welcome anymore..fucking cad!

  79. Why is Hicks allowed to even run sporting clubs when he obviously looks at it in a different way to REAL fans? Im a lifelong Liverpool Fan and the whole senario is hurting the Sport and not just my own Club. Please DIC get this meglamanic out!!!

  80. piss off hick bouy ya bambaclaat no one likes you anywhere u is lie through ur ass look at u bouy all u is is a inbred alabama red neck leave now or feel the rath of my 12 inches sliding up ur ass crack get lost u stupid greedy lieing fucker bussaou

  81. hicks u look like an ogre (no disrespect to you shreck)

  82. Hi – I whole hearedly empathize with your struggle to get rid of hicks. I am not 100% sure about your situation but believe me he is destroying the life and soul of the most famous football (soccer) team in the wolrd – Liverpool FC. How have you protested in Texas to his ownership? Any advice on how to get it into this cunt’s head that we dont want or need him in our club?

  83. Hicks is a disaster to Liverpool FC, and I imagine the worst is yet to come.

  84. Rangers fans, I wish our previous owners had just googled Hicks and Gillett. Maybe they would have sussed these 2 crooks out before it was too late. Hicks is the fuckin’ devil in disguise. Liverpool is one of the greatest sporting institutions on the planet. He is ruining our club.
    Solidarity in our quests to oust Hicks.

  85. Hicks has gone quiet and appears to be trying to ride out the storm.

    Don’t relent – I’ve created the following blog out of sheer desperation at the thought of him securing alternative investment and continuing in charge of Liverpool:


    Feel free to come on and have a look.

  86. Ya’ll are soo full of shit. We are good family friends with the Hicks and he has nothing but the best intentions with his teams.

  87. Hicks and his mate Gillett are lying scum who will eventually be run out of Liverpool. Make
    no mistake, he has picked the wrong fight here we will not rest until he’s gone.


  88. An interesting topic of research: The Texas Rangers or Liverpool FC, which of the two clubs is Hicks fucking up the worst?

  89. hi all i need your help to oust hicks does anyone know if you have a phone number for a fanbase for the texas rangers or fanbase manager we need an alliance between texas fans and liverpool fans i am john from liverpool i need your help quick email me on jscouser9999@aol.com

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  91. Get out of our Club

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  93. Interesting, i’ll post more when i know more lol


  94. Hi, could anyone involved in the Rangers campaign against Hicks please contact me asap. We’re aiming to galvanise the support between the Rangers, Stars and LFC. We all have the same aim, to get our team back!

  95. max reds jediknight

    there are not enough swear words and foul script in all the languages of men under the radiance of the sun to discribe tom hicks this complete, utter and greedy c**t has now f**ked two potential buyers after completly F**KING UP Liverpool fc because they did not give the ridiculously high asking price even giliet was prepared to make a compromise but hicks that stuborn motherless bastard has refused to budge i have heart felt sympathy for the rangers fans, vast sums of wealth are enough for this scrooge, he has to break the hearts of so many fans to make a few more pennies i hope that THE ALMIGHTY has him renicarnated as an ugly, plague ridden whore so that he has to repeatedley take massive amounts of anal sex from the most mercyless morbidly wealthy scum for less than a pound or dollar to make his daily bread so that he finally knows what it feels like to get F**KED IN THE ARSE BY RICH HEARTLESS CU*TS

  96. Tom Hicks has no shame or pride in himself. Liverpool football club was founded in 1892. It has survived 2 world wars bombing by the Luftwaffe and several worlwide financial meltdowns. Its beginning to look like Tom hicks will do more damage than all the catastrophes suffered in 120 years, Considering he has been the owner of LFC for less than 5 years thats a lot of problems to cause. Our one consolation is that he to will go the way of Hitler and everybody else. He will leave behind a legacy of hate and vilification. He can keep the money. The man is totally without class. I doubt he will have the balls to show his face in Liverpool again. If he does I doubt anyone could vouch for his safety

  97. Tim Williamson

    Give us a hand ditching this tosser out of Liverpool and if hes still with you guys, we’ll help you! A strong Anglo-American alliance against (t)hicks!!!

    The fans of Liverpool FC are proud yet humble but also incredibly disgusted with the simpleton’s approach to running our club. It appears that your poor club was the first to fall under his evil spell.

    Lets get him out of both our proud clubs!!!

  98. hicks is a greedy smug bastard and if he ever steps foot in liverpool again he will be going home in a fucking box.

    fuck out of our club your a disgrace to your pig family you aid ridden fat lyeing bastard

  99. Fucking Wanker, bringing his deceit, lies and cowboy boots to Anfield, no one likes you, everyone fucking hates you and your numpty son, you have picked the wrong fight this time you Muppet, the Liver Bird Flies higher than a Crow like you, stand fucking by!!!!!!

  100. Tom Hicks is a disgrace to his mother, and the whore house she works for!

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  102. Get out of our club you lying robbing scumbag, i curse you and all your like.may you rot in hell you cock sucker.

  103. levi summers (ANGRY LFC FAN)

    Jesus I hate the man, he is killing our club from inside out! I feel for all the rangers fans going through the exact same as us! Maybe we should united as one….invite rangers fans to our forums and vice versa….becomea much bigger force when we protest hold up rangers signs, and rangers fans doing the same! may sound stupid or could be a step in the right direction!


  104. Hi, I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please
    It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why
    their is a problem in the first place.

  105. He’s nearly out of Liverpool, this could be one of the greatest days for us in recent history

  106. Tom fuck off and get out of our club u fat bellend. u have fuck enough ppl about u greedy fat nobhead so do the decent thing and fuck off and never cum back

  107. He doesn’t give a DAMN about anything but money. Getting rid of this guy will be akin to winning a Trophy this year. Even his business partner didn’t get on with him

  108. You you could edit the post name title Rangers Fans Against Hicks! | Rangers or Robbers? to something more generic for your webpage you write. I enjoyed the blog post withal.

  109. Hello there! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Appreciate it

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