Read and Sign the Rangers Fans Against Hicks Petition!

Rangers Fans Against Hicks 

It’s time for baseball fans in North Texas and Texas Rangers fans around the globe to stand up and demand better management of the Texas Rangers! Sign the Rangers Fans Against Hicks petition today! 

Since Tom Hicks bought a contending team 10 years ago, his mis-management as owner and chief executive of the Rangers has left fans with a team that has placed 3rd or 4th in a 4-team division for 7 consecutive seasons. The team’s 2007 performance shows continued decline with no hope in sight for a championship season. 

Additionally, he continues to rip off fans and the City of Arlington to line his billionaire pockets. Despite rising ticket, parking and concession prices at The Ballpark, more ads at the Ballpark and constant annoying sponsorships and ads during radio and TV broadcasts, the team’s salary, especially as compared to other MLB team salaries, has disproportionately declined while the local market has rapidly grown.  

The talent in the Rangers organization has been drastically depleted under Hicks’ tenure due to frequent swings of strategic vision and changes amongst coaching, development and scouting personnel combined with bad trades, poor free agent signings, and bad decisions to not re-sign talented players or acquire better free agents. Hicks has left the Rangers void of the talent necessary to compete for a division title, much less a World Championship, and has shown a complete lack of vision or capability to turn the team around. 

With all this and more in mind, you are encouraged to sign a petition to voice displeasure with Tom Hicks as owner of the Texas Rangers and insist that he sell the team ASAP to an owner committed to winning. Click here or on the link show below now to read and sign the petition:   



47 responses to “Read and Sign the Rangers Fans Against Hicks Petition!

  1. Tom Hicks is a cheap-o, and is using the Rangers for personal profit. He cares about concession and ticket sales more than actually building a team.

  2. I’m sure some internet Petition is gonna change hicks’ mind. If i was tom hicks i would print out this petition and wipe my ass with it

  3. rangersorrobbers

    So Shane, I take you think Tom Hicks is a good owner. In which case, he’s already got plenty of your money to wipe with.

  4. I don’t think Hicks is a good owner. I haven’t been to a game since 2005. But do you think a internet petition is going to get him to sell. Maybe in your world, but reality says no.

  5. This will be a cover story on Fox 4 one night, and Tom Hicks will get pissed. Michael Young will plead to be traded to another team, because he will realize that their is endless futility with Tom Hicks and the Texas Rangers. Things will fall apart and Tom Hicks will be exposed by the people of North Texas. Tom Hicks is one of the most respectable people in the nation, and I have great respect for him. Unfortunatley, his leadership in the Texas Rangers has shown that his value in the Rangers is more of a commodity in a vast sports empire. We will liberate the Rangers!

  6. rangersorrobbers

    Anonymous – I think it’s better than nothing. And it’s just a start.

    As I’ve said elsewhere on this blog, I think that fans of MLB – a legalized monopoly – should have more options than not going to games to pressure ownership/management to do better. We shouldn’t have to punish ourselves by staying away from the game and team we love to send a consumer message to ownership that they must do better. In a free-market economy, that’s what we would do. If Coke started to suck, we’d buy more Pepsi or Dr Pepper. But MLB is a Congressionally authorized monopoly – so there are no other choices.

    And, the psychographics of sports are also different. There’s a huge difference between investing yourself as a fan of a sport and a team in that sport compared to investing yourself in “brand loyalty” to Coke or Pizza Hut.

    I don’t have the answers, but I hope I’m starting to ask the right questions and am committed to finding a better way.

  7. Tom Hicks practically owns Dr. Pepper FYI

  8. I think that Hicks is gay, but he will be our owner untill he dies which probably wont be to long.

  9. Tom sucks. He bought the Rangers so people in Dallas would actually know who he is. He is an egotistical idiot who couldn’t manage the Michael Jordan era Bulls to a championship if his life depended on it.

  10. Sorry for intruding on your Forum, but I was interested to see NBC 5’s Newy Scruggs’ opinion that in 5 or 7 years Liverpool football supporters will be howling about Tom Hicks. Well, I just thought I’d let you know that Tom’s already fallen out with his erstwhile new best friends in Liverpool.

    A demonstration against Tom Hicks and George Gillett’s treatment of the Liverpool Manager, Rafa Benitez, is planned for Wednesday night – with a march taking place from the pub that was the HQ of Liverpool Football Club when it was founded in 1892 to the main car park of the Anfield stadium. Liverpool supporters are outraged that Hicks and Gillett are planning to sack Benitez, the Manager who brought Liverpool our first European Cup in 21 years, followed that by winning the FA Cup and took us to our seventh ever European Cup Final last May in Athens. Liverpool are currently unbeaten in the Premier League this season.

    Liverpool supporters feel that they were misled when Hicks and Gillett took over the club, promising not to burden it with debt. Now they are planning a refinancing that will reportedly burden the club with a billion dollar debt, which includes the club itself bearing the cost of their takeover. Not what we were promised. It seems to us that Hicks and Gillett are now using the largely unpopular CEO of the club to make Benitez’s position untenable though thwarting his plans for buying and selling two or three players in the January transfer window.

    Liverpool supporters are unaccustomed to such interference in football matters from the business side of the club. Furthermore, we believe that men who have been to a total of about six Liverpool matches in their entire lives have absolutely no right to trample all over a club tradition that the Manager is left to manage – sometimes this has led to Managers perhaps outstaying their usefulness, but the gains vastly outweigh the losses and the stability that this approach has brought has made Liverpool Football Club the most successful in the history of the English game.

    People in Liverpool are incandescent with rage over the threats to our Manager. Hicks and Gillett were struck by the passion of the Kop when they visited Anfield last season. They should take note that this passion is firmly behind Rafa Benitez and a maelstrom awaits on their next visit to these shores should they mistaken believe that Liverpool supporters will stand idly by and let the money men oust the football man.

    All in all, this may be good news for Rangers fans!

  11. Well said Retro Red.

    Personally I think protesting is the stuff of Newcastle United but if it’s true that they’re getting ready to bin him before the Bolton match then they need to know the score. Did the Glazers bin Ferguson when they took over at Old Trafford? Did they fuck, so why are Gillett and Hicks thinking along these lines?

    Maybe this is the one time that a protest might be the answer but I still think it’s the stuff that we should leave Newcastle fans to do.

    I’d personally prefer non-stop chants of Rafa Benitez all evening. After every goal that goes in chant “Rafa Benitez” to get the message through the owners.

    I wrote an article not so long back called In Rafa We Trust and I still believe that this is the case.

    Look at the stats, they don’t lie.

    2 European Cup finals in three years.

    Our first European Cup win since 1984.

    An FA Cup win in one of the greatest English finals of all time, possibly surpassing the Matthews final of 1953.

    A man who brought players such as Fernando Torres, Ryan Babel, Xabi Alonso and Pepe Reina to the club – all of whom have been influential since their arrivals.

    A man who upholds the traditions of the club the way Bill Shankly intended despite being a foreigner.

    If it’s a case of ‘back me or sack me’ then I’m right behind Rafa and if he goes, so does our greatest manager since Dalglish.

    In Rafa We Trust

  12. Dear Retro Red

    “Furthermore, we believe that men who have been to a total of about six Liverpool matches in their entire lives ..”

    They hadn’t been to any matches when you welcomed them as saviours with the promise of their yankee dollar.

    So, you reap what you sow. Deal with it my little English friend and always remember, us Yanks own you.

  13. Bruce,

    How many Manchester United matches did Malcolm Glazer attend prior to taking over at Old Trafford? None.

    How many has he himself personally attended since taking over the club? None.

    And you say that you Yanks own us – you don’t. You don’t own us at all. Two American businessmen (well one’s Canadian) own the controlling stake of Liverpool Football Club but they do not own our support that they spoke so highly of when they were over here last season.

  14. Flagpole – ignorance is bliss I guess – your coach has been caught out by Hicks talking to a west coast franchise !

    You guys are crazy !

  15. We're Not English

    1) Bruce, we are not English.
    2) We are both in the same struggle it seems as your fans dont like Hicks, so we came here for you to support us and for us to support you.

  16. A West Coast franchise? Are you referring to the interest shown in our manager by Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in recent times because if you are then you’re very wide of the mark. Benitez has not once entertained the idea of leaving Liverpool Football Club whilst he is contracted to them. He’s said on several occasions how he wants to remain here for as long as possible. He made reference to the owners’ lack of knowledge of the European transfer market on Saturday following the win against Newcastle which is entirely true. Gillett and Hicks have very little, if any, knowledge of how the ins and outs of our game works. Their forte appears to be in American major league sports which shows that their decision to invest in Liverpool FC appears to be less calculated than originally thought because anyone who takes over a football club with very little knowledge of how the game works has not read up on their new venture.

  17. tom hick is an idiot… period.

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  20. Let’s kick Hicks ass out of sports for the sake of Texans & Liverpudlians.

  21. Dear Rangers fans, first of all a few clarifications. We at Liverpool do not and did not support the Hicks/Gillette takeover of our club. The fact that there had to be co-owners should have rang bells whit the previous owners of the club. The majority of fans preferred an alternative source of finance. It was the Board of the club that decided to go with the American pair. However, this is all history and we are where we are so let us put aside our transatlantic cultural differences and unite against this ogre who is raping both our clubs. Hicks is a walking management disaster, and unless he is removed, it sounds like both our beloved clubs will suffer the fate of other poor entrepreneurs who tried to run sports clubs. We can support reciprocally in so many ways such as vocal protests, petitions, match day banners, match day boycotts, merchandise boycotts etc. Hicks should be under no illusion that just because he is in the States he is safe from the vitriolic distaste for him from this side of the Atlantic. Similarly he should be under no illusions that just because we are on this side of the Atlantic, he can give a rosy picture of the state of affairs on the other side.

  22. I want to sign the petition, but at the moment it is tailored for US based participants

  23. i dont know anything about baseball, but i have sympathy for you guys. tom hicks ‘bought’ liverpool football club with george gillett and the things that hicks has said and done since hes come in to liverpool is degrading, disgusting and unforgivable. he has lied to the fans from day one. he has publically humillitated our manager and for that a march was organised in support of our manager. tomorrow, if g+h bother to even watch the game, they are going to know the true feelings of the fans.
    Youre doing the right thing. Get hicks out of your club and ours!

  24. Im a Liverpool Fc fan and if tom hicks is doing to your club what he’s doing to mine then he needs to get out.
    Actually it would probably be best for sport as a whole if he sold all his shares and disapeered. He has gone against the traditions of our football club and humilliated our manager, whom us fans love. Down with hicks and Gillet and their broken promises

  25. In Rafa We Trust

    Red Issue

  26. Scouse and PROUD!

    The fact that Hicks is so unpopular with fans on both sides of the pond speaks volumes.

    To clarify a few points for our friends in the USA, Liverpool fans did not want Hicks, or his muppet sidekick Gillette, to be involved with the club from day 1 but, when the deal was done and the promises made, we did what real fans do – we gave them our support and hoped that they would deliver on their promises.

    Now less than a year since they financed themselves with a £219M debt, about $430M, they are in a position where they have no funds to build the new stadium that was promised, are putting little (if any) funds into the transfer kitty and have undermined the best manager we have had for many years. To his credit Rafa has remained dignified and calm throughout – the TRUE Liverpool way. We do not wash our dirty linen in public!

    These 2 money grabbing bastards are now going to refinance our club for £300M ($575M) to cover their own shortcomings, thereby leaving Liverpool Football Club in debt, not themselves!

    We fans have shown our support for Rafa and have made our feelings towards the brain-dead brothers who own the club.



    Before they have a chance to ruin the club that we love.

    Having read what this leech is doing to your beloved Texas Rangers, it is clear that this man has no interest in sport, no regard for the fans and no intention of living up to his promises.

    All that he is interested in is lining his pockets with your hard earned dollars and our hardearned pounds!

    If there is any real justuce this sad excuse of a man will get out of sport and spend the rest of his days counting the money he has already made from us!

  27. Hicks is a cancer.
    Sports teams need to be run by either individuals with class ( instead of thieves and liars) or as member associations with individuals who want to put something back into their communities.

    I for one , am happy to be an organsiser in setting up a member association ridding my club of vermin like Hicks.

  28. I promise to both sets of supporters that if I see that bastard outside Anfield I will personally swing for the cunt

  29. Hicks, why dont ya go and Fuck off and leave our club alone

  30. Hicks is a bambaclaat in d true sense of d world he seem to know sh#t about running a sports club of any kind all he is interested in is making a buck even if it mean the team declines in stature and perfomance d very fact dat e is best mates wid that Tyrant wat im name , oh yeah rassclaat “BUSH” says it all me is very upset wid im and dat puppet man Gillette and im boi FOSTER< WHERE ARE U SON < PUT UR HAND UP SO I CAN SEE U what foolishness ? Parry is to blame in dis ole saga as it was im dat persuaded Moores to sell our beloved L.F.C to dem chi chi men only cos dey is offer im job wid dem , me and every original red want D.I.C to take over from dese 2 clowns me is also sorry dat u RANGERS fans av to put up wid dis idiut too peace and luv and may god help us to overcome dis evil from wence it came.

  31. man me is totally hagree wid me red brudder Jas me blood boil at d very tought of dem 2 fools me is promise hevery one dat if i is c im me gonna make im ass bleed red like liverpool ome kit

  32. what leroy said

  33. im just a sorrowful liverpool fan and have sympathy for you guys… just try hit him were it hurts… in the pockets


  34. Over 100 years of tradition Hicks has killed in 12 months.

  35. Pingback: Fuck! - Page 3 - The Liverpool Way

  36. Hicks is using your ticket money to buy and destroy our club.


  37. Yetanotherliverpoolfan

    Tom Hicks will sell Liverpool with his reputation destroyed. Over 100 million Liverpool fans worldwide will not allow this buffoon to destroy our beloved team.

    If Hicks refuses to sell his stake soon, then boycotts are inevitable. I think it would be great if Liverpool fans and Rangers fans could join forces in some way to rid their teams of this evil.

    Hicks may own the “franchises” but they are nothing without their supporters.

    In Liverpool football is the religion, and Tom Hicks bears the number of the beast.

  38. Hicks is on borrowed time, he might not get out alive if he goes to the Liverpool v inter Milan game. His days are numbered, he has messed with the wrong folks…

  39. i was saddened to hear today that that tyrant hicks has called off his talks with D I C i do not know what hes playing at as he clearly does not have the money needed to run a large club like LFC but still goes huffing around like a playground bully i hope he gets what he deserves in the end and im sure alot of us liverpool fans know what that is , leave our clubs alone YNWA

  40. fuck off u bloodclatt hicks i hope u get raped

  41. Gillett wants out of Liverpool. Hicks is desperate for finance which DIC have by the ton. Hicks cannot afford afford the new stadium alone, he wants a silent partner who will invest in the club without wanting a say in how it is run. He’s going to find it very difficult.
    DIC are in it for the long term and will wait to pick off Hicks when the time is right.
    Thomas O Hicks is the worst thing ever to happen to LFC, he will kop it eventually.

  42. I have had it with Tom Hicks. I want Mark Cuban or Nolan Ryan to own the Rangers… or someone of the equivalent. I have been a Ranger fan since I was 8 years old. I am now 24! And they have yet to do anything except win the pennant a few times under Johnny Oates! 10 years of ownership and Hicks has done nothing. The only good thing going for this team is Jon Daniels, and I hope that he is retained if Hicks sells this team. Let him keep the stars, but PLEASE Hicks… SELL THE TEXAS RANGERS! If we aren’t winning anything by 2010… I give up on the Rangers forever. And, it is not only me that feels this way… that includes all the other Ranger fans I know. We are fed up with this!

  43. I am Tom Hicks illegitimate child and he owes back child support. Just give the Rangers so I can make them into a championship team.

  44. Tom Hicks is a waste of life, stop wasting other peoples oxygen and just fuck offand die, stay out of sport fullstop you deceitful bastard!

  45. get out of our club ! you lying, robbing,scumbag.

  46. Torpedo Tommy RAWK

    Seething LFC fan!

    This is not about nationality, this is about there being no room in any sport for the likes of Tom Hicks’

    Get out of sport you classless scrotum!

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