Why Rangers or Robbers?

The blog will focus on comments, insights and observations on the Rangers’ offseason, season, the players’ achievements and struggles, and the circus-like fan-fleecing con game perpetrated by ownership and the front office

My theory, supported by years of actions from ownership is that Texas Rangers fans are the most exploited lot in all of professional sports.  My dream is to influence a few fellow fans toward my way of thinking, and in turn lead a fan revolt that will force Rangers ownership to get real about winning.  I dream big.

The format will mirror a debate or trial.  Gaurding against my bias defined in bold above, I’ll strive to objectively present witnesses and evidence to uncover the real identity of this franchise, proving either that the true soul of this franchise is that of a:

  •  Robber stealing from fans, or
  •  Ranger – relentlessly fighting for victory.

In the end, if there is an end to this debate, the real proof will be not only in the actions of the front office and the players, but in the response from fans.  In the meantime, this small corner or cyberspace is dedicated to reviewing the issues that define this franchise and its fans.  Your comments and contributions are encouraged and appreciated.

More on this blog’s focus here:  https://rangersorrobbers.wordpress.com/2007/03/10/why-rangers-or-robbers/


2 responses to “Why Rangers or Robbers?

  1. your dream is also my dream, my friend.

  2. rangersorrobbers

    Welcome aboard, Mario.

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