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Rangers Fans Against Hicks!

Rangers Fans Against Hicks 

Time to turn up the heat and do all we can to run Tom Hicks out of Tarrant County.  I don’t know the man.  It’s not personal.  But he’s been a terrible baseball owner.  He’s ruining my favorite team. 

The players seem to have had it with Hicks.  Michael Young seems borderline manic at the yo-yo ownership style (wouldn’t be surprised if he demands a trade in a year or two).  Tex wants out so bad he’s acting poorly.  ARod left in a huff because of broken promises Hicks made.  And this is the first season I can remember in which the team was so bad that not one of the Rangers several All-Star caliber players had enough around him to perform at a level truly deserving of an All-Star bid (Michael represented the team well – great class as always – but we all know he wouldn’t have gone if not for the one representative per team clause).

Fans are disgusted with the teams play, their horrible finishes under Hicks and ancillary issues.  The Ballpark is becoming a circus tent, even after that stupid Amerique$t bell is gone.  Now that Hicks owns FC Liverpool, I’m betting the Rangers will be the first team in American professional sports to replace the logo on their jerseys with a sponsors ad.  I can barely afford to take my son to a game while the team’s salary has plummeted despite playing in the nation’s 4th largest MSA.

The organization’s coaches can’t say so, but they must be fed up with all the coaching and related changes at every level of the organization.

The media’s finally caught on.  Not that many of them are very trustworthy, but still, every sports reporter in North Texas has or has come close to calling for Hicks’ head.  And the national media have lambasted the team, making them a national joke.

Free agents aren’t beating a path here, not even hitters who should love to play in The Ballpark.  What does that say about how players across the majors view the Rangers organization?

Rumor has it that Nolan Ryan wants to own one of the Texas team – how great would that be!

So, Tom – pack ’em up.  We’ve had it with your terrible performance.  Seriously, would you not fire someone with your track record?  Sell the team and make some money.  Keep building Glory Park if you must and keep making money from that.  But please turn most of your attention back to Dallas and try not to mess up the Stars or the Mesquite Rodeo anymore.  You can’t live off of one Stanley Cup forever, especially one won in the infancy of your ownership.  And have fun in Liverpool (FC Liverpool fans, you can have Hicks.  Write when you tire of him, and we’ll help you run him out).

For what it’s worth, this post begins a new series dedicated to uniting fans against Hicks in support of any owner more committed to building a championship caliber team than fattening his/her wallet.

If you agree that Hicks needs to go, please state so in a comment below.  If you disagree, please tell us why (and we’ll try to read without laughing).

Anyone interested, please feel free to use the (currently rudamentary but workable) logo above on your blog, Web site, e-mail, posts, etc to symbolize your support of the movement and that you are standing up as a Rangers Fan Against Hicks!


Robbers Evidence: Exhibit B: Part 2: Recent Tom Hicks Quote

So, the Rangers’ “partners” are back in town and back to taking care of their business – which they apparently understand more clearly than Rangers’ owner Tom Hicks.  While they may be unsure where they’re from – California, Anaheheim, Los Angeles, wherever; they clearly understand that their job is to beat other teams, especially those in the same division and apparently, especially all teams hailing from Arlington.

Meanwhile, as I wrote about a while back, when announcing the re-branding of the team’s home field, Hicks was quoted saying,

“The Cowboys are building the finest football facility in the world, and we have a huge development coming of Glorypark. The perception of the value of your brand has changed. Look at our partners, the Angels.”

With my heart and bloodpressure monitors on, they’ll tell me when to take a break in writing about this before I have a stroke!

The most flagrant part of the quote is the reference to the Angels as partners.  I covered that last time, and revisiting it today while the Angels are throwing Colon at the Rangers right now, leading 5-0 in the top of the 4th on their way to their umpteenth straight game against the Rangers… blood pressure couldn’t handle that.

So as I get back to the game, let me pose a question:  Do you believe that Hicks and Cogen decided to rename the field “Rangers Ballpark in Arlington” because they care about the Rangers? 

Read the quote again.  He doesn’t even mention the team’s name here.  Sure, he did in other quotes.  But this one just captures the essence of the circus-like fan-fleecing con game he and Cogen are perpetrating against Rangers fans like me.

They changed the name because Ameriquest is riddled by scandal, losing money, and wasn’t likely to be able to continue to afford to pay.  Hicks all but says so by referencing “the value of the brand” and “Glorypark” (I’ll get to that another time) and saying anything about how this move is going to help the organization compete.

Meanwhile, the same pair are too worried about constant changes to switch back to the Rangers Red uniforms that actually saw postseason play (but only one win) in the late 90s.  Hey, superstition’s been part of the game as far back as Abner Doubleday.  Let’s go back to the red uniforms; Ranger Blue has never seen the postseason.

But I digress, my blood is boiling, and I feel like some torture so I’m going to back to watching the game.  More late…

Robbers Evidence: Exhibit B: Recent Tom Hicks Quote

Tom Hicks recently provided staunch evidence for the assertion that his organization exploits fans in a circus-like fan-fleecing con game perpetrated by ownership and the front office. 

Back on March 19, in the midst of the excitement that the name “Ameriquest Field” was being thrown aside and a “branded” rendition of the true name that real fans always called the stadium – “Ballpark in Arlington” – was returning, Hicks said the following:

“The Cowboys are building the finest football facility in the world and we have a huge development coming of Glorypark. The perception of the value of your brand has changed. Look at our partners, the Angels.”

I about came unglued for at least 4 reasons.

First.  PARTNERS?  PARTNERS?  Are you kidding me?  The “We’re not sure where we are” Angels are the freakin’ enemy!  They clobber us.  They’ve kept us from the post-season several times.  They’ve won more than one playoff game in their franchise history (meaning more than the Rangers), and they’ve been to the post-season 2 of the past 3 years.  And they’ve won a friggin’ World Series!  They are NOT our partners – they are the competition – the competition that’s been whipping the Rangers for some time. 

Only an owner more concerned with the business of fleecing his team’s fans out of all the money he can while he offers up a paultry $64 million team salary in the nation’s 7th largest market would dare call the Angels our partners!

I’m so ticked thinking about it, that I have to go cool off and will get to my other frustrations with this comment later…

Robbers Evidence – Exhibit A: No Buehrle

In prosecuting my case, there is plenty of evidence that the Texas Rangers’ ownership and the front office are guilty of a circus-like fan-fleecing con game.

Consider Exhibit A:  Mark Buehrle is not in Surprise with the Rangers Spring Training camp.  It was strongly rumored, stated as fact actually by T.R. Sullivan on his Postcards from Elysian Fields blog, that the Rangers could have had Buehrle for maybe less than they gave up for McCarthy.  Imagine a top 3 of Millwood, Buehrle & Padilla.  Why wouldn’t the Rangers prefer a guy who’s proven he can pitch in the Majors, won 19 games, a World Championship, and is a lefty (that does matter in Amerique$t) who can throw 5 different pitches?  Because he’d cost more. 

IF McCarthy pans out here (and gee look at the long, distinguished list of young talented Rangers’ pitchers who have blossomed into major league studs in Arlington – it just floods me with hope for Brandon), then he’s cheaper.  That’s a humonstrous IF to take at the cost of losing 3 strong prospects.  And therein lies compelling evidence of the Rangers’ fan-fleecing front office.

Buehrle would have been far more likely to successfully transition to pitching in Arlington.  Over McCarthy, Buehrle has 4 years in age and 192 games as a starter over 5 more seasons as a starter.  That is a huge plus for a pitcher trying to succeed in Arlington for this Rangers team.  At their skill level, the real differentials are all mental – and being on an offensively-minded team in a launching pad park is not the best place for a pitcher to hone their mental game.  Buehrle’s already been tested and developed the mental game of a great starter, and that would make him far more likely to successfully tansition to Arlington.

Brandon really isn’t even a starter yet.  He was 4-3 in 10 starts and 2 releif appearances for the 2005 World Championship team.  Not impressive.  Then he was religated to the bullpen on an underperforming team last year, given just 2 starts. 

Now, the point here is not to rip McCarthy.  He’s a real prospect.  But Buerhle transitioned from prospect to pro years ago (at a younger age than McCarthy by the way), and would have been a better choice if the front office’s main goal is to build a championship team as opposed to a competitive team at the cheapest price tht will still draw in fans and $.

Exhibit B to follow after a recess…

Why Rangers or Robbers?

The theme of this site will be a focus on comments, insights and observations on the Rangers’ season, the players’ achievements and struggles, and the circus-like fan-fleecing con game perpetrated by ownership and the front office. 

My theory, supported by years of actions from ownership is that Texas Rangers fans are the most exploited lot in all of professional sports.  My dream is to influence a few fellow fans toward my way of thinking, and in turn lead a fan revolt that will force Rangers ownership to get real about winning.  I dream big.

For 35 years, the Texas Rangers, especially under Tom Hicks and GM “Little Jon” Daniels, have never seriously sought to build a winning franchise.  Their top goal is not to win, but to sucker us to The Ballpark (oops… Amerique$t Field) by staying competitive each season against only 3 division rivals at the cheapest possible cost as late into the season as possible.  Then, if they’re in the hunt at the trade deadline (which they usually are because it’s hard not to be when you only have 3 competitors in your division), they put together (almost annually) a hare-brained deal to make us think they’re serious about making a run (thus selling a slew of extra tickets for the ridiculous hot game nights in August and Sept).

But then another annual Rangers tradition kicks in as the consistent lack of pitching withers our chances down the stretch, and we’re sliding out of the realm of contention just as the Cowboys start camp.  And true fans (yes – I really am one) are left with a bag of “if only” and more heartbreak – of which we have more than any other fans in baseballdom.  Who else has four times as many League MVPs as they have playoff games won?

More on both theories and the team’s play as Spring Training, the season and roll on.  I hope you’ll visit often, and will consider whether our team are Rangers or Robbers… or both?