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Is the Chance to Trade Teixeira to the Detroit Tigers Sailing Away Today?

While Little Jon DanielsHart and bi-POD Tom Hicks are sitting around talking about how they want Teixeira to retire a Ranger even though it seems clear that Tex and Boras can’t wait for free agency, there are signs that the Tigers are wheeling and dealing today, closing the door on an opportunity for a great trade

Apparently, the Tigers have dealt Mike Maroth to the Cardinals (for a player to be named) and Wilfred Ledezma to the Braves for Macay McBride.  This means they’re shoring up their bullpen without looking to Texas.  And with Maroth gone, they’re probably planning to use Zach Miner (who’s rehabbing fast) and Andrew Miller down the stretch. 

So while JD and Hicks were working on JD’s contract extension, one good opportunity looks to have passed them by.