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Botts to Start in Cleveland Tonight

Big thank you to Scrub Brush League bloggers Tom Riggs & Rob Allen who caught a great scoop today, posted it on their blog and then quickly shared it in a post here on Rangers or Robbers:

“Here’s a scoop:
At 11:00am this morning, Rob (of the podcast) was at DFW airport and ran into Jon Daniels AND Jason Botts. Both are headed to Cleveland, where Botts will join the line-up tonight. When Rob asked him who was being sent down, JD said he’d make that decision when he got to Cleveland.
Rob and I want to believe that JD (thinks) our little podcast operation is “big time” and just didn’t want to say yet. But, since he doesn’t know us from Adam, it’s likely that he’s still making up his mind.
We posted the news on our website, but YOU are the first person we told!”

Well it’s about time Botts gets the call! And unbelievably, JD has now done two things right this week – the Gagne trade and finally calling Botts up. And in two consecutive days for that matter. He’s on a roll!

Also interesting to know he’s going to Cleveland. I suspect he’s also going up to greet several of his newly acquired players now that he can step away from his phones with the trade deadline passed.

Meanwhile, I bet Hicks is too busy licking his chops over how to invest the millions of dollars in 2007 salary they just dumped to bother with a trip on his private jet to meet Salty, Gabbard and go up and say hi to his team.  Anyone doubt that Jerry Jones or Mark Cuban would be in Cleveland tonight under such circumstances? I bet Hicks is running around while peeing his pants in the recently excavated land for Glory Park. Someone grab a camera and get a picture of that gloriful sight tonight!


Is Mark Cuban Head-Faking His Way Toward a Bid for the Rangers?

All the talk I’ve heard about Mark Cuban’s bid to buy the Chicago Cubs rates him as a serious underdog.  That’s a shame for the Cubs, because the quality he brought to the Mavs has players knocking down their door to play in Dallas and he would likely bring the same zeal and committment to quality to the Cubs.  But word has it that Selig and cross-town White Sox owner Jerry Rheinsdorf don’t want Cuban in Chicago.

Meanwhile, the Rangers desperately need a new owner.  If MLB (lead by Selig and Rheinsdorf) turn Cuban down in Chicago, it would make it much harder for them to reject a Cuban bid to buy the Rangers someday.  Hicks isn’t selling – yet – but once “Where’s the Glory Park” is built, I’m hoping he’ll sell the team and hold onto the surrounding  real estate (much like Ross Perot, Jr. did with the Mavs – check out this great, must-read post comparing Perot and Hicks on the Hitless Wanderings blog). So can we hope that Cuban’s real goal is to be in a prime position to buy the Rangers if/when Hicks is finally done ruining the Rangers while milking them and Glory Park to line his billionaire, don’t-really-care-about-winning pockets?

If you’d like to help excellerate Hicks’ departure as owner, sign the Rangers Fans Against Hicks Petition:

Rangers Fans Against Hicks!

Rangers Fans Against Hicks 

Time to turn up the heat and do all we can to run Tom Hicks out of Tarrant County.  I don’t know the man.  It’s not personal.  But he’s been a terrible baseball owner.  He’s ruining my favorite team. 

The players seem to have had it with Hicks.  Michael Young seems borderline manic at the yo-yo ownership style (wouldn’t be surprised if he demands a trade in a year or two).  Tex wants out so bad he’s acting poorly.  ARod left in a huff because of broken promises Hicks made.  And this is the first season I can remember in which the team was so bad that not one of the Rangers several All-Star caliber players had enough around him to perform at a level truly deserving of an All-Star bid (Michael represented the team well – great class as always – but we all know he wouldn’t have gone if not for the one representative per team clause).

Fans are disgusted with the teams play, their horrible finishes under Hicks and ancillary issues.  The Ballpark is becoming a circus tent, even after that stupid Amerique$t bell is gone.  Now that Hicks owns FC Liverpool, I’m betting the Rangers will be the first team in American professional sports to replace the logo on their jerseys with a sponsors ad.  I can barely afford to take my son to a game while the team’s salary has plummeted despite playing in the nation’s 4th largest MSA.

The organization’s coaches can’t say so, but they must be fed up with all the coaching and related changes at every level of the organization.

The media’s finally caught on.  Not that many of them are very trustworthy, but still, every sports reporter in North Texas has or has come close to calling for Hicks’ head.  And the national media have lambasted the team, making them a national joke.

Free agents aren’t beating a path here, not even hitters who should love to play in The Ballpark.  What does that say about how players across the majors view the Rangers organization?

Rumor has it that Nolan Ryan wants to own one of the Texas team – how great would that be!

So, Tom – pack ’em up.  We’ve had it with your terrible performance.  Seriously, would you not fire someone with your track record?  Sell the team and make some money.  Keep building Glory Park if you must and keep making money from that.  But please turn most of your attention back to Dallas and try not to mess up the Stars or the Mesquite Rodeo anymore.  You can’t live off of one Stanley Cup forever, especially one won in the infancy of your ownership.  And have fun in Liverpool (FC Liverpool fans, you can have Hicks.  Write when you tire of him, and we’ll help you run him out).

For what it’s worth, this post begins a new series dedicated to uniting fans against Hicks in support of any owner more committed to building a championship caliber team than fattening his/her wallet.

If you agree that Hicks needs to go, please state so in a comment below.  If you disagree, please tell us why (and we’ll try to read without laughing).

Anyone interested, please feel free to use the (currently rudamentary but workable) logo above on your blog, Web site, e-mail, posts, etc to symbolize your support of the movement and that you are standing up as a Rangers Fan Against Hicks!

Scary Signs about the Rangers Getting Confused & Teixeira Needs to Get Back Fast!

I like Mark Teixeira – a lot.  He’s one of my son’s favorite players – and mine.  But I’m starting to wonder if he and/or the Rangers front office are purposefully taking their time to get him back into the lineup now – not July 13th after the All-Star break.

According to T.R. Sullivan’s report on Tuesday, Tex will be starting a rehab assignment soon.  Is it me, or are they lollygagging his return?  I thought only Juan Gonzalez (in his whiney-baby years) took this long to come back from a simple leg muscle strain. 

As teams will want to see that Tex is recovered fully before they trade for him, the Rangers are cutting things close.  A July 13 return gives Teixeira only 18 game opportunities to prove what he’s got after this injury – which was reportedly minor and he was supposed to be back by now.  Also, I fear the slow return may signal to other teams that Tex did more damage to his left quad than was advertised.  As teams like the Dodgers, Tigers and others look prime to consider a deal for Teixeira, all this can’t be helping his trade value.  And the longer wait could mean some teams start looking in other directions they may never have checked if Tex was back and healthy and producing.  So Tex – if you want to help the team and your career, get back fast.

In the meantime, this statement from Ron Washington also troubled me:

“We want to make sure when (Teixeira) does come back we can have him for the rest of the year, not just one day,” manager Ron Washington said.

I HOPE that is a cover statement to alleve some of the concerns I mentioned above while also positioning that we want to keep Tex unless someone makes a great offer.  But the Rangers have rarely shown that kind of savvy under Tom Hicks or Little Jon DanielsHart.

I’m starting to fear that Ron’s comment is reflective of the organization’s true feelings.  Which would be purely STUPID.  Why would they keep Tex this year?  So maybe they finish 28 instead of 35 games out of first place?  And then they have him for one last uncompetitive season in ’08 before he WALKS AS A FREE AGENT.  That would be assinine when the Rangers could trade him now and likely get a major-league ready starter plus a firstbaseman and/or maybe a prospect or three.

Unless Hicks is willing to about double the team’s salary next season through 3-4 significant free agent signings (yeah – I’m not holding my breath on that one – not even when Hicks will be more interested in winning next season because it would draw more traffic through Where’s The Glory Park and help him lease and sell holdings in his income property before the more attractive Cowboys development is ready), trading Tex is the best opportunity the Rangers have to restructure the team to not just be competitive but to possibly, finally become Championship contenders in the final years of the decade.

Waiting shows wavering.  Wavering scares me.  The only possible upside is if wavering persuades other GMs that they’ll need to aim high to “pry” Teixeira away from the Rangers.

A Rangers Win in Boston Would Mean…

… our Texas Rangers would have a winning record for the month of June!  They’re 13-11 so far this month with two games left in June against the Red Sox. 

What does this mean?


Not for the long-term.  It does prove that the Rangers really were better than their start indicated, as most people believed.  That’s all fine and good.  But it’s still clear this team is not built to contend and needs to be rebuilt.  Keep letting the young guys play – they’re doing better than most of the old guys anyway.

But it does scare me that it may intice Tom Hicks to do something stupid to stoke the fire of hope and sell more tickets and plaster more ads on the Ballpark so he has more money for building “(Where’s The) Glory? Park.” 

Robbers Evidence: Hicks’ Latest Move Shows Where His Focus Is

The Texas Rangers are languishing in last place.  Rangers fans are more frustrated than I remember them being in my 27 years as a fan.  The pitching has gone from bad to worst – as in contending for the worst-ever starting era.  The hitting has sunk to lows rarely seen in Arlington, especially since The Ballpark opened.  Defense has been so lousy that errors have consistently cost the team wins.

So what does the team owner do in response?

He appoints a new COO of Hicks Sports Group to manage the profitability of Glory Park in Arlington and Championship Park in Frisco.

In case you’re wondering, neither Glory nor Championship parks have anything to do with bringing Glory or a Championship to the Texas Rangers!  They’re Hicks’ newest real estate ventures – sports-oriented development anchored around The Ballpark in Arlington and Deja Blue Arena and the Roughriders’ Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco.  Basically, Hicks copy-cat developments after the success Ross Perot Jr. had at Victory Park and an effort to cash in on the amazing investment Jerry Jones is making next door with the Cowboys new stadium and related real estate development.

After moves like this (without a comparable move to focus on the team), the continuous declining performance of the Rangers since he bought the team 10 years ago, his insulting comments toward Rangers fans, the amount of talent he’s bled out of this organization, and his view that the Angels are “partners” with the Rangers, does anyone still think this jerk of an owner really gives a Rattatoule about building a winning baseball organization?

Robbers Evidence: Hicks Needs to Go, but Jerry Jones Has Assured He’ll Stay

What’s needed in Arlington to turn the Rangers around most is a change in ownership.  This month brings the 9th anniversary of Hicks’ purchase of the team, which is well on its way to its 5th last-place finish in the 4-team AL West during his tenure.  In the non-last place years, the Rangers have finished 3rd three times.  Arriving as owner mid-season 1998, Hicks earns no credit for the Rangers’ first place finishes in ’98 and ’99.  So quite simply, he’s taken a contending team that made the playoffs 3 out of 4 seasons, completed depleted it and its farm system of almost all of its talent and turned it into a team on pace to lose more than 100 games this year.  If he was serious about winning, he’d man up and admit that “the buck stops here” with him, and sell the team.

But he’s more interested in making money than winning.  The current payroll, the number and quality of free agents he’s let walk rather than poney up smart money, his inability (or unwillingness) to sign big free agents and his penchant for making riskier trades for less-expensive talent than making trades for proven players who cost more in the long-term all stand as damning evidence proving that he’s more interested in fleecing fans out of their money than winning.

But, by building what looks to be an incredible new mega-stadium nearly next door to the Ballpark, Jerry Jones has inadvertently stuck us with Tom Hicks for at least another 3-5 years.  There’s no way – unless we fans literally ride him out of baseball and Arlington and back to Hockey and Dallas or Soccer and Liverpool – that Hicks will sell the Rangers now.  The Cowboys new stadium will bring more attention and economic opportunity to the Rangers.  The value of the Rangers, the Ballpark and the surrounding Hicks-owned land are about to skyrocket thanks to Jones.

Just look at the B.S.-named “Glory Park” for proof.  Development around the Ballpark was promised in the 1991 election when Arlington agreed to finance the Ballpark.  The ownership at the time, and Hicks since, painted exciting pictures of a mini-San Antonio Riverwalk scene around the Ballpark that would be a year-round entertainment attraction and jewel of the city.  It was all B.S. to help sell the citizens of Arlington on the tax hike proposal.  I lived in Arlington then, I remember.  The only non-Ballpark promises the Rangers have kept since was to build the Junior Ballpark and an amphitheater on the site.   Oh, you haven’t seen the amphitheater?  It was just a 10′ slab of concrete and hill of dirt and grass – but was leveled last year to clear a path for extending Baird Farm road to begin to prepare for the increased traffic.  That’s the concert venue that was supposed to attract performers year-round.  But now that Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are doing a first-class job with their stadium and surrounding development, Hicks and partners are finally pushing ahead with plans for “Glory Park.”  How inglorious! 

So although Hicks and cohorts have done more to make the Padres and Brewers contenders than they have the Rangers, Jerry Jones, an owner who cares more about winning than economics (because he knows that especially in this area, a winner is the best money maker), has us Rangers fans stuck with the worst owner in baseball for longer than we care to withstand.

Thus, if you agree that Hicks is the biggest problem with the Rangers, it’s time to speak out and take action – keep blogging about how he needs to go, write the papers, call the talk shows, and most importantly, go to fewer games and stop putting money in his coffers.