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Botts to Start in Cleveland Tonight

Big thank you to Scrub Brush League bloggers Tom Riggs & Rob Allen who caught a great scoop today, posted it on their blog and then quickly shared it in a post here on Rangers or Robbers:

“Here’s a scoop:
At 11:00am this morning, Rob (of the podcast) was at DFW airport and ran into Jon Daniels AND Jason Botts. Both are headed to Cleveland, where Botts will join the line-up tonight. When Rob asked him who was being sent down, JD said he’d make that decision when he got to Cleveland.
Rob and I want to believe that JD (thinks) our little podcast operation is “big time” and just didn’t want to say yet. But, since he doesn’t know us from Adam, it’s likely that he’s still making up his mind.
We posted the news on our website, but YOU are the first person we told!”

Well it’s about time Botts gets the call! And unbelievably, JD has now done two things right this week – the Gagne trade and finally calling Botts up. And in two consecutive days for that matter. He’s on a roll!

Also interesting to know he’s going to Cleveland. I suspect he’s also going up to greet several of his newly acquired players now that he can step away from his phones with the trade deadline passed.

Meanwhile, I bet Hicks is too busy licking his chops over how to invest the millions of dollars in 2007 salary they just dumped to bother with a trip on his private jet to meet Salty, Gabbard and go up and say hi to his team.  Anyone doubt that Jerry Jones or Mark Cuban would be in Cleveland tonight under such circumstances? I bet Hicks is running around while peeing his pants in the recently excavated land for Glory Park. Someone grab a camera and get a picture of that gloriful sight tonight!


Is Mark Cuban Head-Faking His Way Toward a Bid for the Rangers?

All the talk I’ve heard about Mark Cuban’s bid to buy the Chicago Cubs rates him as a serious underdog.  That’s a shame for the Cubs, because the quality he brought to the Mavs has players knocking down their door to play in Dallas and he would likely bring the same zeal and committment to quality to the Cubs.  But word has it that Selig and cross-town White Sox owner Jerry Rheinsdorf don’t want Cuban in Chicago.

Meanwhile, the Rangers desperately need a new owner.  If MLB (lead by Selig and Rheinsdorf) turn Cuban down in Chicago, it would make it much harder for them to reject a Cuban bid to buy the Rangers someday.  Hicks isn’t selling – yet – but once “Where’s the Glory Park” is built, I’m hoping he’ll sell the team and hold onto the surrounding  real estate (much like Ross Perot, Jr. did with the Mavs – check out this great, must-read post comparing Perot and Hicks on the Hitless Wanderings blog). So can we hope that Cuban’s real goal is to be in a prime position to buy the Rangers if/when Hicks is finally done ruining the Rangers while milking them and Glory Park to line his billionaire, don’t-really-care-about-winning pockets?

If you’d like to help excellerate Hicks’ departure as owner, sign the Rangers Fans Against Hicks Petition:

Ron Washington May Be Getting Torched, But Don’t Forget This Is Hicks’ Mess

According to recent reports, Ron Washington – a supposedly “players” manager – has lost the confidence and respect of key members of the Texas Rangers roster.  Yes, Ron has done some things wrong.  He’s a rookie manager, and he’ll make rookie manager mistakes.  But when handed a team that:

  1. Lacks a real #1, much less a true ace, pitcher in the rotation,
  2. Has 3 unproven starters and 2 who are not intimidating, 
  3. Is missing an anchor in the lineup to protect Teixeira,
  4. Is relying on a rookie catcher who can’t hit to call games,
  5. Has a terrible outfield,
  6. Lacks any tradition of excellence or winning,
  7. Udergoes change in personnel more often than changes in Texas weather, and most importantly…
  8. Knows without a doubt after watching several free agents leave and no high caliber free agents get signed that OWNERSHIP IS NOT COMMITTED TO WINNING,

any manager is set up to fail.

Ten years ago, this month, Tom Hicks became the owner of the Rangers.  Since then, the organization has deteriorated from making the playoffs 3 out of 3 years to an embarrassment and a national laughing stock across all of baseball.  So before anyone starts calling for Ron Washington’s head, let’s consider who is to blame for the current state of the team (in decending order of who’s at fault):

  1. Tom Hicks
  2. Tom Hicks
  3. Tom Hicks
  4. Tom Hicks
  5. Tom Hicks
  6. Tom Hicks
  7. Tom Hicks
  8. Jon Daniels
  9. John Hart
  10. The Red Dot (from The Dot Race)

What’s the Red Dot to blame for?  Nothing really, but certainly more than Ron Washington.

I’ve shared plenty of thoughts in previous posts (click on Tom Hicks to the right for the most recent posts) about why Tom Hicks is the bane of the Texas Rangers and a walking insult to all Rangers fans and players.  He’s disengenuous.  He’s bi-polar as an owner.  He thinks the Angels are the Rangers “partners” of all things.  He’s the worst owner in baseball, and he’s got to go if this team is to have a chance of turning around.

So let Nolan Ryan buy the team, and then take some notes from the Tigers and Mark Cuban about how to turn a team around.