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Lack of Focus

I was sitting in a hotel lobby bar in Austin Tuesday night, watching the Rangers get thrashed again by the Yankees.  Saw Tex take a ground ball right in the keister.  That seems very symbolic of the Rangers’ season and the treatment Hicks is giving us fans.

That game and tonights showed signs of a disconcerting lack of focus from the Rangers.  Kinsler cost us the game with horrible error on a ground ball.  Lofton looked dazed and confused in center on more than one play.  Laird, Cruz and Wilkerson were as bewildered at the plate as usual.  Even Third Base Coach Don Wakamatsu failed to give Lofton a clear stop sign; Lofton’s resulting pause at third almost led to an out instead of the first run of the game had it not been for an odd play at the plate.

All of this against the division leaders, rivals and Ranger-killing Angels Who Don’t Know Where They’re From.  Guys, if you can’t focus and at least look sharp against the Angels at home, then we have to wonder if you’ve given up?  Lackey’s good, but you made him look like Clemens tonight.

And, I wish I didn’t have to say it, but this all leads to questions about the manager.  What has Wash done to spark this lineup?  Cruz, Laird and Wilkerson should all be on a bus to Oklahoma City.  Or, in Wilkerson’s case – on a plane to whatever team will give us anything for him (he’s a career .251 hitter currently hitting .234 and on his usual pace of striking out 18% more often than he gets a hit).  Ron, it’s time to stop worrying about being a “player’s manager” and start working on getting more out of your team.  I believe you can, but you need to start by getting the entire team focused.

BTW, Tex went 5 for 8 with 3 RBIs and no Ks in two games after taking one in the rump.  I think that disloged his head out from his bum for a spurt.  Maybe Wash should give a swift kick to the derriere as part of warmups before every game.