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Robbers Evidence: Hicks’ Latest Move Shows Where His Focus Is

The Texas Rangers are languishing in last place.  Rangers fans are more frustrated than I remember them being in my 27 years as a fan.  The pitching has gone from bad to worst – as in contending for the worst-ever starting era.  The hitting has sunk to lows rarely seen in Arlington, especially since The Ballpark opened.  Defense has been so lousy that errors have consistently cost the team wins.

So what does the team owner do in response?

He appoints a new COO of Hicks Sports Group to manage the profitability of Glory Park in Arlington and Championship Park in Frisco.

In case you’re wondering, neither Glory nor Championship parks have anything to do with bringing Glory or a Championship to the Texas Rangers!  They’re Hicks’ newest real estate ventures – sports-oriented development anchored around The Ballpark in Arlington and Deja Blue Arena and the Roughriders’ Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco.  Basically, Hicks copy-cat developments after the success Ross Perot Jr. had at Victory Park and an effort to cash in on the amazing investment Jerry Jones is making next door with the Cowboys new stadium and related real estate development.

After moves like this (without a comparable move to focus on the team), the continuous declining performance of the Rangers since he bought the team 10 years ago, his insulting comments toward Rangers fans, the amount of talent he’s bled out of this organization, and his view that the Angels are “partners” with the Rangers, does anyone still think this jerk of an owner really gives a Rattatoule about building a winning baseball organization?