Why Plug Botts Straight into the Clean-up Spot? And Go Cruz!

Botts may have been cleaning up in Oklahoma, but why in the world would Washington put him in the 4 spot in his 2007 debut in the majors? Your first game up is pressure enough. Throwing him into the cleanup role straight away is ridiculous.  And it’s showing as so far tonight, he’s clearly pressing and is 0-4 with 2 stikeouts and 7 LOB against Cleveland.

Meanwhile, Nelson Cruz is hitting well again tonight. It’s nice to see that, and I have a feeling he may just be around to stay this time.


4 responses to “Why Plug Botts Straight into the Clean-up Spot? And Go Cruz!

  1. Hindsights 20/20. If you wrote this before he ever took an at bat it would have been more convincing. But he needs to learn how to handle pressure situations anyway. When we get to the World Series and he has to go out and bat cleanup, he will have had a game like this he can draw on and maybe learn from.

  2. rangersorrobbers

    Actually, I started writing that as soon as I saw the lineup and only then checked the in-game stats to see how he was doing.

    And quit being such a Rangers apologist. Our team sucks, and by the time the Rangers make a World Series (which may be never at this rate – they have to make the playoffs first and then have the pitching to win more than 1 game) – last night’s experience will be an ancient memory.

    In the meantime, there will be planty of opportunities for Botts to face pressure situations. Let’s not unnecessarily add pressure to his MLB transition by expecting him to hit cleanup.

  3. Yes Sir.

  4. rangersorrobbers

    That’s more like it. ;-P

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