For Those of Who Wanted the Rangers to Keep Teixeira…

… I hope today’s revelation that he recently turned down an 8-year $140 million offer finally has you waking out of the coma you’ve been in, dealing with your prolongued state of denial and taking off your Rangers-blue blinders.

Teixeira Looking Stupid

As I (and many others) have said since early this season, Teixeira was walking as a free agent after 2008. With the team out of contention with little hope to find contending form without a major rebuild, trading Tex now was the Rangers only option.


3 responses to “For Those of Who Wanted the Rangers to Keep Teixeira…

  1. No first baseman is worth that kind of $$.

    I’m hoping that this Salty kid is adequate enough defensively to play catcher – and hits like the scouts say he will.

    If just one other of the 4 minor leagers in the trade eventually makes some kind of impact for the Rangers down the road, and the Salty kid can catch and hit at an .800 OPS or better SOON (and better in a year or 2) – it’ll be a nice trade for the Rangers.

  2. Here’s a scoop:
    At 11:00am this morning, Rob (of the podcast) was at DFW airport and ran into Jon Daniels AND Jason Botts. Both are headed to Cleveland, where Botts will join the line-up tonight. When Rob asked him who was being sent down, JD said he’d make that decision when he got to Cleveland.
    Rob and I want to believe that JD things our little podcast operation is “big time” and just didn’t want to say yet. But, since he doesn’t know us from Adam, it’s likely that he’s still making up his mind.
    We posted the news on our website, but YOU are the first person we told!

  3. Botts on his way to cleveland to join the lineup… this is great news.

    I agree with statman… partly. No 1B is worth that… but figures like that are a part of modern baseball. The fact that Tex turned it down speaks volumes. He really did not want to be here. So now he’s gone, but if the Rangers really did value him that much, the return they got was a little low. We got a decent amount of talent, but not what we needed. Hopefully JD’s Gagne deal will make up for it. We’ll see.

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