Teixeira Traded to Braves in Wasted Opportunity for the Rangers

Looks like Little Jon DanielsHart was just schooled by yet another GM – Atlanta’s John Schuerholz – in a deal, apparently pending only physicals being passed, sending Teixeira AND Ron Mahay to the Braves for C/1B Jarrod (Salty) Saltalamacchia and 18-yo Venezuelan SS Elvis Andrus plus two players to be named later – both likely young, not-major-league-ready pitching prospects (one still rumored to be 21-yo AA Lefty pure prospect Matt Harrison).

If true, this is a massive failure on the part of the Rangers and Little Jon DanielsHart!  Unless the other player-to-be-named is a major-league ready arm (which is highly unlikely), this trade fails to address the Rangers top need – Starting Pitching that has at least begun a successful transition to the major leagues. That is a failure that may well doom the Rangers to mediocrity beyond next year and into the next decade.

Meanwhile, this is a GREAT trade for the Braves. They add a power bat to spark a lineup that needs more production and they improve their bullpen immediately with Mahay’s left-arm in their bullpen.

This deal is worse than the Chris Young trade.  At least with that trade, at the time it was made, we thought we’d get a good ready-to-contribute starter in Eaton (who could have known he’d pitch so few games for the Rangers) and a closer in Otsuka. Giving up Young was short-sighted. He’d have been a major contributor here, although not the phenom he’s become in a pitching-friendly park in the pitching-friendly NL. And at the time, Adrian Gonzalez was blocked by Tex, whom the Rangers then thought would be around a lot longer. So it took a season and a half to fully see how bad that trade sucked.

This trade sucks now. It will suck tomorrow. It will suck next year. And unless the Rangers luck out and one of these very young, need a lot of work pitching prospects become our team ace, it will suck 3 and 5 years from now.

What long-term need does this deal address for the Rangers? Last I checked, we have a great SS who’s locked-up through 2013. Salty won’t be the long-term answer behind the plate according to reports of his defense and game-calling abilities.

When you have the BEST big bat on the market at the trade deadline, you MUST do better than this. Look at what the Rangers gave up for Carlos Lee last year. I guess there just aren’t any owners/GMs who are as stupid as Hicks and Daniels.

This is another deal where you have to wonder who Daniels is working for: the Rangers or the other team? It’s his third major deal (after San Diego and Milwaukee) that will make the trading partner better and do little for the Rangers.


17 responses to “Teixeira Traded to Braves in Wasted Opportunity for the Rangers

  1. They received the #1 and #2 rated prospects so from that front it is a good trade, but they are just prospects and the rangers have not proven to have the system in place to develop talent.

    I agree getting Andrus does not appear to make sense given who they have at SS, but it reminds me of the Orioles in the early 90’s with all their ss prospects. Eventually they traded them all away so maybe we are getting trade bait here. Then again the Orioles prospcts were manny Alexander and Ricky Guitteraz who ended up having servicable, at best, careers.

    As for the pitchers, I agree they should have gotten major league ready arms rather than unproven A ball players (aka Edison Volquez.)

    The real test is five years from now when Tex is leading the Orioles to a pennant. Where will these guys be?

  2. what major league arms would you have liked them to get? The ones that were never offered.

    I don’t like this trade, i hate saltalamacchia, and i hope matt harrison never pitches an inning in the majors. But too much emphasis has been put on starting pitching this season and no major league teams were willing to offer their arms for mark teixeira.

    Im sure you guys would’ve liked to have had chad billingsly, joba chamberlain or clayton kershaw but those guys we’re never even mentioned in a deal. It was pure speculation on our and Evan Grant’s parts.

    And if the team is as far away from contending as you all think it is, then having a guy who won’t be ready till ’09 isn’t such a bad thing.

  3. rangersorrobbers

    First, a good GM would have gotten someone to offer a major league arm. For example, go after the Tigers and convince them they need Tex and get Miller and/or Miner back (among others) in return. Pump the Diamondbacks into offering an arm – or someone else. They’re great at conning casual Rangers fans and the City of Arlington out of money for what they want – a good GM should be able to do likewise when trading. Schuerholz just convinced JD to include Mahay in the deal!

    Second, at the least, it sounded pretty substantiated that Joe Saunders was ripe for the taking from the Angels.

    Third, in the Rangers system, I doubt that AA prospects with losing records in the Braves’ system will ever “be ready” to contribute as Rangers.

    Fourth, Teixeira WAS THE BEST trade bait the Rangers could hope to have. You don’t trade BIG BAIT for a bunch of smaller, unproven bait that may well die before they’re ready to be put on a hook and dangled in the water.

    And last, you don’t trade the biggest bat available on the market and NOT address your teams biggest needs!

  4. Wasted opportunity? No kidding. There has to be some stronger way to express that in words.
    This was one of the stupidest trades I’ve seen… dumber than when Soriano went to Washington for Whiffy Wilkerson. For Major League ready players we get Saltalamacchia which is good, but Tex+Mahay is worth more, so we also got… um… uhh… WAIT… THAT’S IT!!! I was shocked and stunned when I turned on my computer this afternoon, and found we now had traded Tex AND Ron Mahay for Salty… and a gift basket of worthless prospects. Let’s see… we got Elvis Andrus, a hotshot infield prospect… remind me, why do we need another inflield prospect? We don’t! Did JD think he was getting Elvis Presley or something? WHERE’S THE PITCHING? Oh, wait, we got a pitcher… some guy named Neftali Feliz WHO IS NOT YET IN AA BALL!!! There is one player left to be named, and it will be a pitcher. Hopefully, the Rangers will name somebody worth having. I cannot believe JD could not get Jo-Jo Reyes, Manny Acosta or Kyle Davies thrown in. Of all likelyhood, we may never see anybody we get in this deal, aside from Salty, in a Ranger uniform.

    Lasty, let me just say this, and I will end my rant: rangersorrobbers, when I first found this blog, I thought you were nuts. Sure, I’d watched all the dumb trades, that you had (Soriano, Chris Young, ext.) but I still could not see the point you were trying to make. Well, now I do. You may be the most sane and gutsy Rangers fan of all, to start a blog like this, and kudos to you. We need to start that fan rebellion, and this just may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I know it broke mine.

  5. rangersorrobbers

    Wow. Thank you for the kind words, Jon.

    A lot of people have asked me “what’s the point” or “why bother”. My answer is – because I’m a fan, and after 27 years of getting screwed by the Rangers – especially the last 10 years under Hicks – I’ve had it. It’s not the players – we’ve had some great players and truly decent people play in a Rangers uniform. It’s the front office. They live to con us out of our money while robbing us of hope (as FWST reporter Jim Reeves put it so well earlier this season). I believe fans should have some rights – beyond just the right to stop buying tickets or watching the game when it’s something we love. There has to be a way to demand more from ownership and management other than punishing ourselves by boycotting the team and sport we love. I know I don’t have the answer for that yet, but this blog is a start. Thank you for your support.

    In the meantime, we’re not alone. Traffic to my blog has quadrupled in past weeks – mostly sparked by trade talk, but new commenters and readers mark progress.

    And as far as today is concerned, it’s a dark day in Rangers fandom. I would have preferred they kept Tex over this garbage trade.

  6. You all don’t know what you are talking about.

    The Rangers received the top 3 prospects in the Braves system and a young pitcher that probably would have been #4 going into next season.

    This isn’t fantasy baseball guys…nobody was going to give you major league ready pitching talent. And even if they had, the Rangers are TERRIBLE and need to be rebuilt anyways. Beyond Young/Kinsler, the Rangers don’t have much of anything worth keeping around right now.

    You guys really REALLY need to get a clue.

    If Salt stays at C, he will be arguably the best offensive C in the AL for years.

    You homers need to get a grip and actually read. I know that’s tough since Texans really don’t know how….see George W. Bush.

  7. TradeTexFoundation

    miner and miller we not on the market, neither was loney,or any of the mlb ready dodger arms its a good deal salty will be a 30-35hr guy ! as a catcher thats great

  8. rangersorrobbers

    TTF – so we traded a 30-35 HR guy for another. So what? For the Rangers, it’s ALWAYS been about the PITCHING! Gabbard was a good pick-up!

  9. So your solution to the Tex trade was to force some GM to give us ML ready pitching? JD got the best offer out there. Would you rather have Tex stayed next year and all we end up with is 2 draft picks? You make no sense whatsoever.

  10. I’ll start by saying I’m as tired with Hicks as anyone else is. His priorities are so backwards it’s ridiculous, and he owns this team for no other reason than to line his pockets. I don’t buy the whole ‘I want to win, but I don’t want to lose money!’ garbage…With revenue sharing and such from the league, you’re paying for a big part of your payroll as is. Complain about attendence and interest in Arlington all you want, but fact is, if you’ve got a winner people will come. I’ve all but stopped spending my money on going to games, just because I can’t stomach putting anymore of my money in Tom’s pockets. The day he sells will be one of the best in this team’s history…Sell to Mark Cuban, for God’s sake. Give us some sort of chance. LOL

    As for the trade, I don’t see what you expected Daniels to get…Nobody was out there offering up their big league ready prospects. Joe Saunders is a #4/5 starter at best, and we’ve got enough fringe rotation pitchers as it is. He wasn’t an upgrade. Sure, Harrison may turn out to be the same type guy, but he’s also 5 years younger and more talented. JoJo Reyes and Kyle Davies aren’t as talented as Harrison, either. They may be more ML ready, but I’d prefer the more talented/higher potential guy over someone who is already a mediocre at best ML talent any day of the week. By your logic, I’d assume you we a fan of the Danks for McCarthy trade because McCarthy had began that big-league transition?

    As for the others, Andrus is an absolute stud who is projected as a guy that could shift over to third when he gets to the bigs, so he’s not locked in at SS. You’re certainly not upset about acquiring him because we’ve already got guys like Arias already in the minors? And who says Blalock or Young will still be around 3- 4 years from now when Andrus is projected to break into the bigs? Neftali Feliz has great stuff and a load of potential, and could well be in AA by the end of next season. He’s dominated the two leagues he played in thus far…Beau Jones was a throw in that most people were surprised JD leveraged out of Schuerholz because the Tex trade was holding up other moves. If Saltalamacchia becomes the stud hitter most everyone in baseball feels he will be, and even one of those 4 other guys becomes a solid contributor for the Rangers, it’s an absolute steal. Let’s not act like we had any chance of Teixeira re-signing or that Ron Mahay was some stud reliever. Tex’s value would have dropped come winter time, and the two draft picks we got from him walking in 2008 (a first and a sandwich) would have most likely been less talented and certainly further from contributing to the big club than the guys we got right now.

    You’re expecting elite level, ML ready prospects at a time when no team in the majors is willing to move their young, cheap players (who they’ve got locked up for around 5 years) for a guy who by all indications has no intention of re-signing before he hits the free agent market…Teams aren’t trading ML ready contributors for rentals.

    It’s nice to see JD trading for the future, rather than making moves in an attempt to save his job. This is the first time in how long we’ve a load of solid young players in the minors? People are talking about the Rangers got 3 players at the deadline, Andrus/Feliz/Beltre, that would have been Top 10 picks in this past year’s draft, so it’s not like they traded Teixeira for a bunch of talentless bums. You’re looking at guys that are being compared to Miguel Tejada (Andrus) and Darryl Strawberry without the personal problems (Beltre).

  11. So the idea of this post was that it wasn’t a good trade because Jon Daniels didn’t force a team to give up starting pitching.
    What is this? The baseball version of the Godfather. “Give me starting pitching or I’m gonna cut a horse’s head off and stick it in your bed.” The job of a GM is to get as much talent in your organization as possible. Daniels has a long road in front of him but he’s off to a good start.

  12. Is it too late to to say what a stupid mother fucker you are?

    Go Rangers.

  13. At some point you should return to this site and apologize to Jon Daniels for your idiocy. The Rangers should feel fortunate that he is running the organization, rather than someone like you.

  14. Well done, sir. Elvis, Feliz, and Harrison. What was Little Johnny doing.

  15. And this is why I don’t form strong immediate opinions about veteran stud for prospects trades. It’s impossible to even guess.

  16. He’s not coming back. He’s too busy trying to start the wave or gripe about people standing up in front of him at games. You know, one of those true fans. I honestly hope he is not a ranger fan anymore and not enjoying this run. He doesn’t deserve to. Not one bit in his rant made since even then. He showed his baseball IQ.

  17. Well done sir! You are an idiot

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