Who Played Their Last Game as A Ranger Today?

Things are picking up a bit on the Teixeira front (seperate post to follow).  Other than (hopefully) Teixeira, who else lost their final game as a Ranger this afternoon in Kansas City?

Eric Gagne? 

Reports still linger that Gagne may be shipped to the Yankees, but I haven’t seen anything of late about who the Rangers may get in return. The Yankees are not on Gagne’s list of team to which he can veto a trade, but he’s made it clear that he wants to remain a closer. Will his attitude get in the way of the Yankees coughing up something for him knowing that they won’t take Mariano Rivera out of the closer spot? A few other teams may still have interest. 

My belief he should get traded: 100%

Chances he actually gets traded: 40%. 

Joaquin Benoit?

Lots of teams want him, and I say they can have him. Been tired of his roller-coaster inconsistencies over the years. It’s time to cut bait and sell high. What’s being offered in return? Reports are sketchy. Some rumors say the Braves (still the apparent leaders in talks to acquire Teixeira) have also been asking.  Maybe Benoit goes to Atlanta in an uber-deal. If so, be prepared for him to succeed for several years and to be tempted to feel that we should have kept him. But don’t. We’re seeing the best he can do as a Ranger, and it would be down hill from here (at best).

My belief he should get traded: 100%

Chances he actually gets traded: 70%. 

C.J. Wilsom?

He;s another one the Braves are rumored to be angling for, but Little Jon Daniels Hart should be able to get something done without giving up C.J. He’s been a strong lefty out of the bullpen who’s improved significantly in each of the past 3 seasons. I don’t see him as a closer like some fans do, be he could be a heck of a set-up man for a long time.

My belief he should get traded: 10% (never say never – would have to blow my hair back with the return we get)

Chances he actually gets traded: 20%. 

Gerald Laird?

Rumor has it the Cubs may still be interested, and electing to take a catcher – A-baller Max Ramirez – for Kenny Lofton could be a small sign about what the Rangers are thinking.

My belief he should get traded: 50% (I don’t think he’s our long-term answer at C, but unless we’re offered something real juicy, he deserves the rest of this season and next with Rudy Jaramillo givng him every chance to be more consistent at the plate.)

Chances he actually gets traded: 20%. 

Others of note: 

Ron Mahay could also be subbed into a deal with the Braves, but while he’s older, than C.J. he’s still got good years left in him – enough to contribute when the Rangers could be ready to contend in ’09 and beyond. JD should hold onto him unless it’s a deal maker in another trade, but his name hasn’t been mentioned much lately.

Silence has fallen over Sammy Sosa, probably because he’s STUNK all July (.274/.359/.188) with only 2 HRs – if only he’d kept chugging away for a few more weeks, we might have gotten something decent for him.

Frank Catalanotto’s name was bantied about in some reputable spots a few weeks ago. That’s all gone quiet. It’s a shame. I met Frank during his first stint with the Rangers, and I like him. If he hadn’t been hurt this season, I think he’d be producing enough to garner interest from a contender, and return a couple good prospects if traded. But he’s just not up to par this year. He’s been showing signs of improvement, but likely not enough to generate value in return.

Just about a week ago, several teams were reportedly showing interest in Jamey Wright.  Validly so, as he’d been doing well. But two consecutive bad outings since (10 combined innings with 6 earned runs (another 2 unearned) and only 3ks against 11 hits and 10 walks) killed almost all chances that someone will take him. 

After starting the month on a tear that turned some heads and spawned some rumors, Whiffy Whifferson ($4.35 Million Man Brad Wilkerson) has 27ks to 17 hits for July and only one HR since the first week of July. I really don’t like to just rip on people, but when they’re making crazy money that makes no sense (unless he has compromising photos of Tim Hicks), this calls for an exception. I posted earlier that JD should take a bag of peanuts for Wilkerson if offered. At this point, he should take a piece of chewed gum scraped from the bottom of a bleacher seat in whatever team’s park that might be willing to part with that much for Whifferson. And JD should then have to chew the gum straight through an entire Rangers game as punishment for wasting that much money. Imagine what that could have done for kids in poverty! How does JD sleep at night? Or Whiffy for that matter. Man up and give some of the money back, dude.


3 responses to “Who Played Their Last Game as A Ranger Today?

  1. TradeTexFoundation

    Last Game as Rangers
    Eric Gagne-Hate to say it but its ture.Brian Cashman is going to take little boy blunder(JD)to school on this deal.Rumors I have herd is Gagne to NYY for 2 low class pitching prospects.I would go after Tyler Clippard,Phillip Hugehes,Dellin Bentances.Maybe one of those guys and OFJose Tabata.
    Teams Intrested: mets,yankees,red sox
    My belief he should get traded 80%
    Chances he actually gets traded: 75%

    Ron Mahay
    I think this guy is gone, this year their is a huge market fot Relief pitching un the less lefty’s.Texas will part with him instead of CJ wilson.Team intrested;braves,cubs,detroit
    My belief he should get traded 70%
    Chances he actually gets traded50%

    Brad Wilkerson a.k.aBad Crapperson
    Many teams may not be able or want to lose prospects for pitching so they may make a slight up-grade in the line-up
    Brad is a lefty who can hit for power so that might be intresting maybe an NL team that needs a lefty on the bench
    My belief he should get traded: 100%
    Chances he actually gets traded: 20%.

    Sammy Sosa-maybe the Rangers ditch him for money I don’t care as long as he is out, we need to let Jason Botts play insted of him he is taking valueable AB’S from prospects as was Kenny Lofton
    My belief he should get traded85%
    Chances he actually gets traded 45%
    as for CJ and the cat,I dont belive eather will be moved,JD allready said CJ was untouchable and cat just wants to ride off into the sunset as a ranger

  2. latest name to be added.

    Kevin millwood, he could possibly be going back to atlanta along w/teixeira in a 3 team deal….

  3. rangersorrobbers

    If we move Millwood, which would be a mistajke in my book given his contractual motivation to play well in ’09, there’s got to be better options than Atlanta. The Dodgers would top the list and Angels, Indians, Cubs, and seversl oithers should be in play.

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