All Too Quiet on the Teixeira Front

Silent but deadly. Deadly silent.

Things that keep popping into mind as I trove the major league news sites and cable channels listening for any movement on the Teixeira front. 

Just a few days ago, you couldn’t read a single site or story about the trade deadline without Teixeira’s name in the first few paragraphs – if not the headline.

Now, there’s rumors that a deal with the Braves (a deal I didn’t like the sounds of) is falling apart. The Dodgers have bowed out of the race as they suddenly need pitching; I’ll always wonder if Billingsly and Loney was possible back in June before Tex got hurt(sure seemed like it when Nomar was moved to third). The Yankees and Red Sox seem to have backed away, as did the Tigers long ago. No news on the Angels.

Can Little Jon DanielsHart pull a rabit out of his hat? In my book, he needs to – or it should be his job.

And, what’s the latest on getting something for Gagne, Benoit or even Laird?  Too quiet. Much too quiet!

Scaring me. We’ve got to get a pitcher for Tex – and the time is now.


4 responses to “All Too Quiet on the Teixeira Front

  1. TradeTexFoundation

    Well I have been away for a while but my latest news on thisis
    Angels offered Kotchman and agreed on Joe Saunders but are having trouble agreeing on a 3rd player
    D-backs are in it now
    Laird rumor
    To CHC for something im not sure what
    CHC also intresred in Ron Mahay

  2. a cubs rumor passing around involved uber-prospect felix pie. Doubt we’ll get him though – not even for all of king mitus’s silver

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  4. The Rangers MUST get a front-line rotation guy out of this deal. When the rumor sites talk about a potential trade, the position players are mentioned first and then a pitcher or two. Maybe.
    As impossible as this sounds, if the Rangers can’t get a potential (potential, as in competing for a spot at 2008 spring training) or bona fide starter for Tex, then it really doesn’t matter. Save him for the winter meetings, look at free agency and see how it comes down next year.
    (The problem with that plan is that Hicks, a.k.a. Mr. ADD, may not listen to reason when it comes to getting a front-line pitcher over the winter.)

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