Today’s Leaders in the Teixeira Trade Sweepstakes: The Atlanta Braves?

Continued kudos to Jon Daniels. If his apparently improved ability to spark buzz about a player is a reflection on his maturation as a GM, then maybe there is hope after all that he will orchestrate a trade for Teixeira that provides a good return for the Rangers.

I’m loving all this!  Every day this week it seems like a different team is reportedly the “favorite” to get Tex.  Meanwhile, reports consistently state that the Rangers are asking for a lot.  Great!  They should!  Tex is the biggest offensive sparkplug on the market this season (and a bonified Gold Glover to boot) when several contenders need a boost to their offense.  For several of the interested teams, Mark Teixeira could truly be the piece that completes their championship season puzzle.

(I still think the Tigers lead that list and could be risking one, maybe even two World Championships if they stand pat.  They would be pohibitive favorites this year and next if they grabbed Tex and Benoit for Casey (whose average has improved but power is still lacking but would thrive in Rangers Ballpark in his free agent season in ’09), Andrew Miller, another starting prospect (Dallas Trahern or Plano’s own Jordan Tata would be my pick), and two outfield prospects (Ryan Raburn and a low prospect would do – it doesn’t have to be Cameron Maybin) .

Yesterday’s reports had the Red Sox as the leading trade partner (which seems a real stretch), and this looks to be the Braves’ day.  They’re getting next to zero production at first base.  And I’ll always take a pitching product of the Braves system (in fact, I’ve often believed that if a team like the Braves who seem to crank out pitchers at will partnered with the Rangers who have done the same with hitters, the two would be great trading partners and could plan several World Series meetings).  Right now, the Braves’ pitching prospects are not overly tantalizing.  RHP Manny Acosta may be the best of their bunch, but he’s not yet established at the major-league level.  The rest are not impressive statistically and are not ready to make a near-term impact at the major leagues.  They have upside, but no more than McCarthy, Loe, Rheinecker, Hurley, Wood and other guys already in the Rangers’ system.  For the Teixeira trade to be a success, it must include a starting pitcher who is as sure a bet as can be to be a top-of-the-rotation winner.  I don’t see that sureness in what the Braves can offer.

At this point, I still think the Dodgers or Yankees are the best fit, but we’ll see what tomorrow brings.


3 responses to “Today’s Leaders in the Teixeira Trade Sweepstakes: The Atlanta Braves?

  1. in Jon Heyman’s article ,

    he mentions the rangers possibly getting kotchman, santana and another ML’er back in a deal, and possibly another minor leaguer. That would be huge!!

    If the rangers can get santana and joe saunders back, this trade has got to be a huge positive going into next season.

  2. I love the Kotchman/Santana/Saunders rumor. Love it. If it was sunday, I’d stand up in the pew and ask my pastor to pray for it. But I really doubt the Angels want to give away all that talent to us for a guy they might only have for a year and a half. I think rangersorrobbers said this on an earlier post, why in the world would the Angels arm us with all that talent? With Santana and Saunders, we really could be a contender by ’09. And Kotchman would make a decent replacement for Mark Teixeira, though he wouldn’t be the consolation prize James Loney or Jarrod Salty would be.

    I really hope this Angel rumor is true. If it is, I’ll even put up with that Santana kid wearing his hat cocked like some kind of rap star in the dugout. But realistically, I really don’t think the Angels are that stupid.

  3. well its got to have at least some truth behind. I wouldn’t put much stock into it if it was only a guy like evan grant reporting it. But the angels involvement has been mentioned in many articles and many websites of late.

    The angels most important plan at the moment is to keep the mariners off their backs, and having santana in AAA wont help. So maybe they figure if he can’t help up us like we need him to, then we need to get something in here who can, whether it be offense or defense.

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