Trade Rumors Continue – It’s Crazy Talk Time

Listening to the rumors this weekend, makes life fun. 

The latest “rumor” is that the Rangers will be signing Gange to a contract extension.  Why would the Rangers do that?  Why would Boras do that?  Gagne would command more in the off-season.  Meanwhile, why would Jon Daniels peg the Rangers’ long-term hopes to a 31-tear-old injury-prone reliever without first trading Gagne for some prospects to whatever teams he’s not blocked or would consider waiving?  I’d rather see Daniels wait and evaluate a whole season of Gagne’s return before making what would probably be a minimum 3-year committment, even if it costs more in the winter.  The added cost would be mitigated by whatever return the Rangers could get in trade value for Gagne now, and then if he blows his arm out before the end of the season, it’s not on the Rangers’ squad.

Also, why would the Angels trade for Teixeira? Yes they need first base help, but unless they think their window of opportunity is only this year and next (which may be valid), why would they give up Casey Kotchman plus probably Ervin Santana and a prospect to a division ‘rival’? Sure, Tex could help them this season and next, but in the meantime, they’d be arming the Rangers to come at them hard in 2009.  If it’s really out there, Hicks and JD should consider this deal under the added value of taking away long-term talent from the division rival that’s owned them for the past several years.


4 responses to “Trade Rumors Continue – It’s Crazy Talk Time

  1. Sportsattitude

    Gagne and Boras may be trying to get something done because they are well aware the injury rep is starting to reduce their options greatly. The Angels wanting Tex may be due to the fact they have an offer or interest in Kotchman too good to pass up – otherwise, as you say, makes no sense from the Angels’ standpoint.

  2. The Angels aren’t trading for Tex! C’mon. That IS crazy. They have one of the best teams in baseball this year, even though they have V-6 powered lineup – there’s no reason to break that up. From what I’ve heard, old Bartolo Colon has slowly been coming to a spluttering halt – he’s the only item the Angels will be thinking about giving up at the deadline.

    Oh, and about Gagne and the contract extension rumor: if it’s true, I’ll be the last one to say “I told you so”. I think this stems from the fact that the Rangers aren’t sure Otsuka is in any better physical condition than Gagne. And they may be right – Aki had problems with his arm last year, and now again this year – which is cause for concern. Either way, signing Gagne isn’t gonna solve the problem… you know that, and I know that… but we all know how stupid the Rangers management is.

  3. well i’ve been hearing a lot of speculation lately that has the angels very interested in mark teixeira. The team’s power numbers have almost completely disappeared this month and the seattle mariners have gained a lot of ground over the last few weeks.

    I would welcome a deal to the angels. Yea it would make them a better team here in the short-term but the rangers aren’t contending this year and probably won’t next year. So while mark teixeira and the angels run away with the west this year and the next the rangers will be busy collecting angel prospects and hopefully preparing for a teixeira-less angels team in 2009.

    And with the way ervin santana has played over the last month he could be a very underrated player included in a deal.

  4. rangersorrobbers

    I’d gladly take Santana, Kotchman and a prospect. Those are guys who could be producers in ’09-’11 which is the Rangers closest window for competing.

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