Looks Like Teixera’s Playing to Make a Point – Trade for Me!

It’s only been three games since his return, but Mark Teixera’s a notoriously slow starter.  Not after this return for the DL!

His extra innings heroics last night and combined .333 AVG and sick 1.262 OPS since his return look like someone playing with something to prove – that he’s worth picking up in a trade NOW.  Combine those numbers with a .349 AVG and 1.099 OPS in May and an off-the-charts .364 AVG and 1.390 OPS in seven games before getting hurt in June, and Tex is clearly showing some extra motivation.

After some refreshing honesty last week about wanting to play for a winning team paired with reports from the likes of Ken Rosenthal saying that interest in Tex has been low, and you can bet that Boras has motivated his client to go out and prove himself fast if he really wants to play for a winning team ASAP.

And Rangers fans should be all for it.  If Teixeira’s able to keep this up, teams will come knocking and even Hicks and Daniels shouldn’t be able to screw up a deal to get some significant value in return for Tex.

Maybe the Rangers will be able to get some starting pitching in return for Tex after all.

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4 responses to “Looks Like Teixera’s Playing to Make a Point – Trade for Me!

  1. TradeTeixeriaFoundation

    Chris Davis 6 grand slams in 81 minor league games this guy is unbelivable

  2. yea but he’s not going to be so unbelievable at the next level if he doesn’t fix that k/bb ratio, and FAST.

  3. TradeTeixeriaFoundation

    yea, but thats fixable…this shows he has RAW power move him to 1b

  4. Interesting point about Chris Davis. Sent me running to MiLB.com to check his stats out.

    Davis looks like another guy that should be a great power hitter in the majors someday, much like Jason Botts… but lonerangers makes a good point about the K/BB ratio. It is fixable, but it might take a few years for him to fix that. I don’t mean to state the obvious, but unlike Botts, this guy is years away from the majors…

    Speaking of Botts, he should be converted to 1B in th Minors now… he has more potental than Nate Gold ever thought of having. That way, when Tex leaves, Botts will know the position, and we can put him there rather than having him stumbling around in the OF. I said on TR’s blog yesterday that if Manny Ramirez can play OF then Botts can too, which is true, but Manny should be the DH or 1B in Boston. I read somewhere his subpar speed and fielding in LF cost the BoSox about 60 runs a year… don’t know if thats true, but we sure don’t need that here.

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