A Response to T.R. Report on Rangers Officials Situation Report Regarding Gagne and Otsuka Trade Possibilities

According to T.R. Sullivan’s blog post today:

“Rangers officials are saying there appears to be more interest in Akinori Otsuka and a greater need for setup relief than there is for Eric Gagne or a closer.”

If Jon Daniels can’t close a valuable deal for Gagne (that for a change benefits the Rangers more than the team he trades with), then he’s more in over his head than anyone thought!  First, how stupid is it to announce that there’s no interest in Gagne?  If you’re really shopping him, you don’t announce that there’s no demand. 

What’s more likely is that the above statement is bogus positioning for rationalizing why the Rangers may make a bad decision and resign Gagne, which has been discusseda lot  lately – especially since Gagne really seems to like it here.  But Daniels should be able to get some return value for trading Gagne, and when a team needs a lot of new pieces to become competitive, you trade a free agent who has value and get some of those pieces.  Then, if you want, turn around and bring Gagne back in the winter.

If I were GM, I’d go to Gagne right now and say:

“We’d like to resign you. But, don’t you want this team to be better if you stay?

So here’s the plan.

We’re getting good offers to trade you. Offers that will send guys here who can help this team be more competitive next season and beyond. So we have to do that.

But, we like guys with your attitude and ability. You fit with the team on and off the field. So we very much want to resign you in the offseason.

In the meantime, you get to go play for a contender for a few months – maybe make a run in the postseason. We get better. And if all works out, by the time you’re a Ranger again next Spring, we’re all better and happier.

And the team you leave in free agency gets two compensory draft picks in addition to whatever help you provide them down the stretch. So it’s a win-win-win for all three parties.

There’s no guarantees, but don’t you agree this would be an ideal way for things to go over the next 5 months?”


5 responses to “A Response to T.R. Report on Rangers Officials Situation Report Regarding Gagne and Otsuka Trade Possibilities

  1. Gagne likes it here because we’re the only ones who were fool enough to take the closers job away from a guy who deserved it and give it to him. Lucky us, it’s worked out better than anybody would have thought… so far. I don’t think we even need Gagne back. I think if there is intrest out there for him (and everybody knows there is intrest, no matter what the management says) then we should take the best deal that comes our way. Gagne is too old to be of real value to this team for more than another 1 or 2 years anyway, (much like Sammy Sosa) and you just never know when he’s gonna get hurt again. We’ve got a good enough bullpen to do without him at the top. C.J. Wilson is probably good enough to do setup work, as is Joquin Benoit. He has much more value to a team like the Reds, who have one of the worst bullpens in baseball, or the Phillies, who lack a reliable closer, or Atlanta, who has Bob Wickman. The Phils have already expressed intrest in Otsuka, so one would think you could sell them Gagne just as easily. They probably have the most to offer as well. The Reds will take anybody or anything that can throw the ball in the late innings, but I really don’t know what they have to offer, if anything. But my point is, I don’t think we need Gagne (I never really did), and I don’t think he has that much to offer us, so we should trade him as soon as the right deal comes along, and as you say, if the Rangers do feel they want him back in the winter (which I doubt they will) they can make him another offer then. Hopefully this “There’s no intrest for Gagne” BS by the management isn’t code talk for “We’ll be announcing his extension at the trade deadline”.

  2. TradeTeixeriaFoundation

    1st Aki Otuska is not a closer and will never be one…sure he had a good season but he is not real material he is too old and gives up homers.
    2nd Gagne Signing was a good deal look at billy wagner’s $$ he is making alot and the mets are not fool neither are the rangers for siging the guy with the higest EVER save percentage.
    3rd your team won’t win with no bullpen so we have to atlest keep one guy…look at cleveland and Detriot they have no bullpens 1st to aquire gagne or aki is the division winner
    4th. Hopefully this “There’s no intrest for Gagne” BS by the management IS code talk for “We’ll be announcing his extension at the trade deadline”.He is a winner, he has character and infulences the younger guys on the staff just ask CJ Wilson
    5th The right deal may be the wrong deal…id rather keep gagne than aguire michale bourne
    6thGagne is a proven player…other guys are not we will keep him in the prime of his career
    7th gagne’s no-trade team are the main teams intrested in him
    8th The teams intrested in gagne allready have a closer and gagne said he wouldn’t take any other role other than a closer’s role.
    9thwho can we aquire that would have an instant impact on the team the rangers are not in re-building mode.
    10th.Who would close with out eather of those 2? CJ is very good but also very bad…benoit is avarage he gives up some BIG innings…Francisco I don’t think so

    So there you have it my top ten reasons to NOT TRADE Eric Gagne

  3. rangersorrobbers

    Normally agree with you, T3, but not here. Mostly because of “9thwho can we aquire that would have an instant impact on the team the rangers are not in re-building mode.” If the team is not in a re-building mode, why trade Tex?

    And why keep Gagne when the Rangers would have as good, if not a better, chance to sign him as anyone else in the winter?

  4. TradeTeixeriaFoundation

    trading him might burn some bridges and you might as well trade Tex were not going to resign him maybe get matt kempt chad B. or something for him

  5. Here’s something interesting.
    According to Ken Rosenthal’s video on FoxSports.com, the main reason why Teixeira is still a Ranger is because “the Rangers lack trade leverage” (stop the presses!) due to his high salary for next year and impending free agency after ’08. Rosenthal says that the best way for the Rangers to get quality talent in a trade would be by packaging Tex and Otsuka together (I’ve heard that one before).

    Another thing. This is a situation similar to the JD Drew case in 2003.

    JD Drew, another Scott Boras client, played for the Cardinals from Sept. ’98 through the end of the 2003 season. On December 2003, before his final arbitration year, St. Louis traded Drew (along with C/OF Eli Marrero) to the Braves and got THREE pitchers that are now in the big leagues : reliever Ray King, SP Adam Wainwright (the TOP prospect in the Braves organization that year according to Baseball America), and SP Jason Marquis. All of them are on active major league rosters today (Wainwright and Marquis doing pretty good).

    Worst of all is that when JD Drew was traded, the guy was known for having a history of injuries. He couldn’t stay on the field. He was on the DL every year that he played in St. Louis. So I don’t want to hear any more of that crap that the Rangers can’t get decent value for Tex alone. The guy is a gold glover and has won silver slugger awards, and the team that acquires him would get more time out of Tex than the Braves got for Drew.

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