Robbers Evidence: Bye Bye Buehrle

In several previous posts, I’ve mentioned how Mark Buerhle could have already been a Ranger( and should be the free agent pitcher the Rangers sign this winter (

Well, all that’s a pipe dream now as the White Sox resigned Mark Buehrle to a 4-year, $54 million contract

That narrows the field of starting pitchers the Rangers should consider signing this winter (Buehrle topped my list, and I think only Carlos Zambrano could be argued to be a better signing amongst the would-be class of winter free agents).

And without a single starter with a winning record or an ERA under 5.30 going into this week’s All-Star break, a shrinking free=agent pool increases the pressure on Ron Washington and pitching coach Mark Connor to develop at least one (if not two) of the young or trying-to-comeback Rangers pitchers into a contributing starter who can win more games than he loses (in order of liklihood at present:  Loe, McCarthy, Wright, Tejeda, Hurley, Wood, Koronka, Rheinecker, Rupe).  It also makes the return to form of Millwood and Padilla more important, because the caliber of free-agent starter the Rangers can sign this winter just went down unless they ink Zambrano, which I don’t think is likely nor do I think he’d be worth the price as he’s not a great fit for the Rangers or The Ballpark.  That probably means Millwood will be the Opening Day starter again, and he’s really a #2 at best.  Finally, it puts more importance on Jon DanielsHart and Hicks getting a trade done (and done well) with Teixeira – as Tex is the only chip they have left to acquire a pitcher with top-of-the-rotation talent (Chad Billingsly is looking really nice at this point – maybe too nice for the Dodgers to part with after going 1-0 in 2 July starts with a 2.25 era and 14 Ks in 12 IP). 

So congratulations to Buehrle and the White Sox, and to Tom Hicks, the Rangers front office and coaching staff and their pitchers aspiring to be worth a spot in a competitive major league rotation:  TIME TO GET ROLLING!


7 responses to “Robbers Evidence: Bye Bye Buehrle

  1. TradeTeixeriaFoundation

    Chad Billingsly is good and if the rangers could get him great I think zach minnor is looking more avaliable right now…but the dodgers could want a bat to make them a contender… don’t forget they have schmit(for next season) this may make chad more avaliable, I hope the boy bluder trades Tex, he used to be my favorite player but now he has turned into the T.O. of the Rangers due to some of his and his agents recent comments…..

  2. First off, I just want to say hello to all of my fellow Rangers bloggers out there as I attempt to get myself up to speed on all the rumors and little details in the blogging world that I’ve missed in my long absence from the blogging boards. Now for my comment:

    The Rangers are not going to sign Zambrano. Bottom line. I could go into the reasons why, like the fact that his salary would probably be more than what we’re paying our entire outfield this year, but but I won’t. Let’s just forget about him. Buelhre would have been the best fit for us, but after his no-no the White Sox would have been crazy not to resign him. Our best shot – no, check that, our only shot at getting some real starting pitching is Tex. I hate to reiterate what every other Ranger blogger has been saying, but we need to trade Tex for some pitching, preferrably some top prospects. If we can’t develop any pitching, then we need to start looking in other cupboards. Chad Billingsly would be nice. I live in SoCal, so I get to see a lot of Dodger games, and I’ve been impressed with his stuff. But good luck getting the Dodgers to part with their young talent, even for a slugger like Tex. There’s one team who has a heckuva farm system, and has finally figured out how to use it. What do the Tigers have in their minor league system? I agree with you, the team that would give the most for Tex would be the Yankees. They’ve got some good pitching prospects that have seen some time in that majors this year, thanks to their early woes, and I think that’s one option Danny Boy and Co. should pursue. The best chance for the Rangers to have sucess down the road is to steal some pitching prospects from somebody and develop the guys we already have like Volquez and Hurley. I’m starting to become a fan of the idea of throwing those two into the rotation now and letting them struggle or improve; quite a few current top pitchers like Bronson Arroyo and Javier Vazquez struggled early in their careers, but have developed well. I remember when Vazquez was going 5-15 in his first season with the Expos, and now he’s one of the more coveted pitchers in baseball. Just my two cents.

  3. rangersorrobbers

    You know how I feel. The Tigers would be a great trading partner.

    But Sean Casey hit .355 in May and .349 in June. His run production is crap, but at least he’s no longer the massivly gaping hole in the lineup that he was in April and early May. Which is good for the part of me that’s been a Tigers’ fan since I was a kid. But that sucks as a Rangers fan because Andrew Miller – who’d more interesting to me than Miner – has had 3 very rocky starts mixed in with 2 very strong starts in June and July, which could make him available. But I don’t think Dombrowski is going to give up future talent now that Casey’s doing better. Instead, I think he’ll just shore up the bullpen without giving up too much and hope that Mags and Polonco continue career years while Sheffield and Guillen stay in form.

    Meanwhile, though, the Dodgers have climbed to within a game of the Padres and have a 2-game lead in the Wild Card. They have moved Garciaparra over to third, which many thought was a sign that they would go after Tex or Dunn. But Loney’s playing so well, they may decide to stick with him as their answer at first (although he started to really tail off in July as, perhaps, scouts were getting a beat on him after a ridiculous .440 avg. and 1.252 OPS in June in 50 ABs).

    All this has me wondering if the stars are once again misaligned for the Rangers.

    At this point, Zach Miner and Chad Durban may be the best we could hope for.

  4. Placing the T.O. label on Tex is an insult. Tex doesn’t throw his teammates under the bus. He has taken some responsibility for the team’s struggles. He may argue with Washington and speak out, but he’s certainly not the cancer that T.O. was in San Francisco and Philly. Tex is a class act and a very passionate player (JD Drew could learn from this guy). TO is an egotistical me-first yahoo.

    Nonetheless, Tex should be traded. The Yankees seem like a good fit, BUT they’re not even sure if they will be buyers or sellers. This little streak the Rangers are in will not help them get out of the hole they dug themselves. We should just wait and see which teams will decide to make a push and which teams will wave the white flag as we approach the trading deadline.

  5. TradeTeixeriaFoundation

    He is saying he won’t re-sign, having friendly chats with the balitmore GM…Humm that doesnt sound like the Tex I know and respected a few years ago…he hasn’t qute turned into T.O. yet but wait if the rangers keep losing and he isn’t traded he will….I

  6. There is no doubt that J.D. needs 2 trade TEX….he is a disease 2 the clubhouse plus hes not even producing… (granted he is hurt)…i agree with kevin that TEX has become the T.O. of the rangers organization…all he’s done this year is take up a spot on the roster that someone more deseving should have and get payd 4 not producing….hes working on getting healthy but he was supposed 2 be back in the lineup 2 weeks ago…wat happened….trading TEX is the best thing 2 do for the team in the short and long runs maybe we can get a person like james loney of the dodgers…he is younger, more atheletic, and better suited for a small market team like the rangers instead of a big market team like the dodgers

  7. rangersorrobbers

    WOW! Interesting and very unexpected playa-hatin’ expressed here toward Tex!

    The T.O. comparison is probably a but exaggerated and undeserved. I mean, first you have to be close to the #1 player at your position – which T.O was and Tex has never come close. Second, Tex isn’t a publicity-craving ego-maniac who is barely mentally stable. Third, Tex may have been underperforming, but he was coming around before the injury after a traditional slow start.


    Why is it that some guys in sports are slow starters? If I owned the team and had a slow starter, I’d tell him to get his rear in gear a month earlier than normal in the off-season. For a guy I’m paying MILLIONS to play what kids beg parents for more time to play for fun, I’d happily invest a few measly hundreds of thousands of dollars and put together a simulated season start that kicks off a few weeks early for some guy who for whatever physical or mental reasons can’t get it going in time for the season’s first real game.

    Back to the main topic…

    I think Tex is an alright guy. He’s over-rated, and not getting the extension Young got is probably irritating him. Plus, I bet he hates losing, which is what the Rangers and Tom Hicks are best at. I’d be grumpy enough to have an attitude by now if I were in his shoes – until I remembered how blessed I was. But setting the money and the playing funsies for a living aside, I’d take my job – my passion – seriously. And I think that and a bit of reality staring him in the face is what we’re seeing with Tex.

    None of which has anything to do with why I think the Rangers should trade him ASAP. That’s just business – the business of building a winning team.

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