Scary Signs about the Rangers Getting Confused & Teixeira Needs to Get Back Fast!

I like Mark Teixeira – a lot.  He’s one of my son’s favorite players – and mine.  But I’m starting to wonder if he and/or the Rangers front office are purposefully taking their time to get him back into the lineup now – not July 13th after the All-Star break.

According to T.R. Sullivan’s report on Tuesday, Tex will be starting a rehab assignment soon.  Is it me, or are they lollygagging his return?  I thought only Juan Gonzalez (in his whiney-baby years) took this long to come back from a simple leg muscle strain. 

As teams will want to see that Tex is recovered fully before they trade for him, the Rangers are cutting things close.  A July 13 return gives Teixeira only 18 game opportunities to prove what he’s got after this injury – which was reportedly minor and he was supposed to be back by now.  Also, I fear the slow return may signal to other teams that Tex did more damage to his left quad than was advertised.  As teams like the Dodgers, Tigers and others look prime to consider a deal for Teixeira, all this can’t be helping his trade value.  And the longer wait could mean some teams start looking in other directions they may never have checked if Tex was back and healthy and producing.  So Tex – if you want to help the team and your career, get back fast.

In the meantime, this statement from Ron Washington also troubled me:

“We want to make sure when (Teixeira) does come back we can have him for the rest of the year, not just one day,” manager Ron Washington said.

I HOPE that is a cover statement to alleve some of the concerns I mentioned above while also positioning that we want to keep Tex unless someone makes a great offer.  But the Rangers have rarely shown that kind of savvy under Tom Hicks or Little Jon DanielsHart.

I’m starting to fear that Ron’s comment is reflective of the organization’s true feelings.  Which would be purely STUPID.  Why would they keep Tex this year?  So maybe they finish 28 instead of 35 games out of first place?  And then they have him for one last uncompetitive season in ’08 before he WALKS AS A FREE AGENT.  That would be assinine when the Rangers could trade him now and likely get a major-league ready starter plus a firstbaseman and/or maybe a prospect or three.

Unless Hicks is willing to about double the team’s salary next season through 3-4 significant free agent signings (yeah – I’m not holding my breath on that one – not even when Hicks will be more interested in winning next season because it would draw more traffic through Where’s The Glory Park and help him lease and sell holdings in his income property before the more attractive Cowboys development is ready), trading Tex is the best opportunity the Rangers have to restructure the team to not just be competitive but to possibly, finally become Championship contenders in the final years of the decade.

Waiting shows wavering.  Wavering scares me.  The only possible upside is if wavering persuades other GMs that they’ll need to aim high to “pry” Teixeira away from the Rangers.


11 responses to “Scary Signs about the Rangers Getting Confused & Teixeira Needs to Get Back Fast!

  1. I think Hicks doesn’t give a hoot if eather of his teams win a title he is in it for the Money$$$, now as for Teixeria I think if the RIGHT deal is there take it…but if not wait untill this winter or next summer to move him, but a guy like Teixeria is big so you have to get what you want.Now as for Gagne we need to get a contract Extention for the next 2 seasons if we move him OR Aki we shorta lose our power bullpen, and in the offseason we might need to spend $$ on that. Lets see what the little boy wonder.. chough..I mean blunder can do to screw up this time……

  2. I think if we’re going to trade Tex we need to do it this year. With the somewhat lacking offers that we have received for him so far this year, they are going to be that much lower next year when teixeira only has 1 yr left on his contract. One of the main selling points the rangers have right now in dealin tex is that he still has 2 yrs left on his contract, and could help a team reach the playoffs this year and the next…..

    And im not sure what to think about gagne saying he likes it here in texas and wants to stay. In a perfect world the rangers would like to trade him this year and re-sign him this off-season. But why would he come back to the team after he was just traded from them.

  3. rangersorrobbers

    If I were GM, I’d go to Gagne right now and say:

    “We’d like to resign you. But, don’t you want this team to be better if you stay?

    So here’s the plan.

    We’re getting good offers to trade you. Offers that will send guys here who can help this team be more competitive next season and beyond. So we have to do that.

    But, we like guys with your attitude and ability. You fit with the team on and off the field. So we very much want to resign you in the offseason.

    In the meantime, you get to go play for a contender for a few months – maybe make a run in the postseason. We get better. And if all works out, by the time you’re a Ranger again next Spring, we’re all better and happier.

    And the team you leave in free agency gets two compensory draft picks in addition to whatever help you provide them down the stretch. So it’s a win-win-win for all three parties.

    There’s no guarantees, but don’t you agree this would be an ideal way for things to go over the next 5 months?”

    Regarding Tex – there’s no reason not to trade him now. The longer you wait, the less you’ll get.

  4. I think the Rangers might want to wait to trade to get his stock back up, and injury does make it go down, now if we do it next season the offers will come from big market teams that have a chance to resign him.

  5. rangersorrobbers

    Sorry, Kevin, but I don’t agree. Big market teams will have a chance to sign Tex no matter where he goes or when. Getting him playing again ASAP will get his stock as high as it’s going to be, because there’s not a lot of firstbase help on the market this season and few with Tex’s credentials and an extra year on their contract. That said, Rangers fans do need to brace themselves as Tex is VERY over-rated around here. He’s maybe the 10th or 11th best 1B in baseball – which means he’s barely in the top 33% at his position. He should command a starting pitcher, a firstbase replacement and a prospect, but each of those are likely to be less than what we all wish we could get for him. Plus, JD and Hicks will screw it up beyond that, and we’ll be lucky to get a pitcher who ever has a winning season in a Rangers uni.

  6. rangersorrobbers, you sound like an idiot. Tex has won 2 straight gold gloves, been an all-star, won the silver slugger twice, has hit .283 in his career, among other things. He is a little better than 11th or 12th!!!

    I like Jon Daniels, he’s nice guy to chat with, and he knows his baseball. Unfortunately, he has an idiot as his boss. Revenue is up at the Ballpark this year, but the money ain’t going anywhere but in Mr. Hicks’ pocket.

    The Rangers are in a pretty large market, and Mr. Hicks needs to realize that if he puts a little money into his club, he’ll be earning record profits.

    The best thing this club can do is re-sign Tex.

  7. rangersorrobbers

    Well, Viking, since you went personal, let’s start by asking how that Hershel Walker trade worked out for your team? Don’t think any Vikings fans should be giving trade advice. Unless you’re a Lamar Viking “graduate” who just can’t let go of his High School days.

    And if you’ve read anything from Teixeira or Boras in the past year (although clearly you can’t read too well because I said 10th or 11th, not 11th or 12th) , they’ve made it very clear that Tex is NOT resigning. He’s walking (probably to Baltimore or New York) after 2008 – he was tripping over himself just yesterday talking about how much he can’t wait to talk about a contract with the Orioles (in the meantime, he’s helping the O’s negotiate with their top draft pick). So trading him now is the smartest thing the Rangers can do.

    As for where Tex ranks amongst firstbasemen, his glove and switch-hitting may move him up a spot or two, but – especially if you adjust for the fact that he plays in a premier hitter’s park, there’s no way he’s better than (in no particular order):

    D Lee

    That puts him 8th at best. Then there’s several AL DHs who could still play first if sent to the NL – like Hafner and Ortiz. Right now, Dmitri Young, Carlos Pena, Xavier Nady and Kevin Youkilis are having better seasons than Tex, but that could be temporary. He’s about on par with Konerko over the past several seasons. And his former teammate, Adrian Gonzalez may have more upside as might Kotchman, Ryan Garko and Daric Barton. Oh, and I still haven’t mentioned Delgado.

    Has Tex peaked? I don’t think so. I think he’s got some amazing seasons left in him. That’s where his real value lies. But playing in the hitters park that is The Ballpark, it is not a great sign that Tex is not yet an automatic top 10 1b.

    As for Daniels, he may know baseball, but a grasp of stats doesn’t qualify someone to build and run a team. He doesn’t know the art of being a GM. He’s been taken badly in several trades by GMs who do. And worse, he’s learning from John Hart, who hired JD remains an advisor to Hicks and Daniels.

    We do agree on at least one thing – Hicks sucks. Worst owner in sports. Credit Jeff Cogen with revenue being up in a down year. I don’t much like him either, he’s not a nice guy to chat with, but he does know marketing. Learned it in the circus business. And Hicks must love Barnum’s marketing view that a sucker is born every minute.

  8. hey man i usually agree with everything that you have to say. And you’re correct, as ranger fans we tend to over-hype our players. But when you say tex is only the 10th or 11th best, that’s something i can’t agree with. Out of the guys you’ve mentioned in the NL the only ones that i cant definitively say are better than teixeira are pujols, fielder and monreau.

    Derek lee is almost 5 yrs older, coming off an injury plagued season , and in almost 100 more plate appearances has 6 less HR’S and has walked less.

    If we’re gonna talk about park inflation, then their is no way that todd helton is rated better than teixeira either. He and ryan howard hit in the best possible home run parks, yet helton has 5 fewer hr’s, a lower .ops, and doesn’t play gold glove defense anymore. Ryan howard has K’d twice as many times as tex and is hitting 50 points lower. Now Howard does have the potential to hit 60 hr’s a season but hes gonna strike out 150 times as well. And this is only his second full season, tex is a few months younger and is in his 4th full season.

    And lance berkman plays in a women’s slow pitch soft ball park. There is no reason he should have a .264 BA, 8 doubles and .839 ops – all of which are lower than teixeira’s- in almost 100 more plate appearances.

    In the AL, talking strictly 1st basemen. Morneau tops the list, but Teixeira isn’t far behind. While i agree hafner and ortiz are superior hitters to Teixeira , you cant lump them in one group because that would completely take away mark’s gold glove defense – which is what makes him more of a complete player at first base.

    I may have forgotten someone. But i don’t really see Mark teixeira much farther back than 5th or 6th. I think part of the reason some people are kind of down on him is because he hasn’t averaged .330/45/130 over the last few seasons. But not many do. Granted he’s no man among boys, but he has been pretty good this season. And i think the only reason he’s not the team’s all-star is because he’s been injured for a while.

  9. Viking4Life, the rangers can’t re-sign tex, so might as well get the most for him….rangersorrobers has made it clear why….

  10. rangersorrobbers

    Lonerangers – great reply.

    You sold me on Lee – for now. But that’s about it.

    I’d still put Berkman and Helton ahead of Tex. Berkman’s clearly having a bad season so far. But if you look at what he did the past three years, he’s well ahead of Tex. Plus, Berk and Helton are in the NL where it’s harder to produce – especially in their 81 games away.

    And look at it this way – if you’re an opposing pitcher preparing for a game, who would you fear more – Berkman, Helton or Tex?

    Same for Howard. He too may be in a sophomore slump, but if you had to pick between the still peaking Howard or Tex for next 4-5 season, who would you choose? It’s close, but Howard’s upside could be Bondsesque without the doping cloud.

    I agree he would have been our All-Star had he been healthy (and that’s frustrating too, because All-Star visibility right now sure would be nice for his trade value). But you’re right in saying Tex has only been pretty good. By this point we should be able to claim unequivocally that Tex is great – but he’s not there yet. That worries me, and it will worry opposing GMs.

    That said, Boras could sell sand in the desert. Like he did with Zito – making all of baseball believe he’s the second coming of Steve Carlton and thus get his client more than he really deserved – Boras needs to help Daniels package Teixeira. Moving Tex now is good for Tex, too. If he gets into the right situation where he’s credited for putting a team over the top, his value will sky-rocket by the end of next season (wish Dombrowski was reading this because Tex could do that for Detroit and make things a “win” for the Tigers, Tex, Boras and the Rangers). No disrespect, but if you can do such a good job of selling Tex, Daniels should be able to also (and one of Boras’ player value books would really put a nice polish on Tex’s perceived value) – to the point where someone coughs up a trade reflective of a belief that Tex is amongst the top 5 1b in the game today.

    All of this is a bit academic, though. Tex just needs to be the best 1b on the market now. And he’s clearly got that locked up unless someone above suddenly becomes available.

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