Relaford? What? Are We Trying to Pump Up His Trade Value? Where’s Botts?

Why in the world are the Rangers giving major league at bats to Desi Relaford? Desi was delegated to the minors after ’05.  His MLB AVG hasn’t seen the sunny side of .250 but three times in his career. Why in the world is he playing for the Rangers in Kinsler’s absence?

Why not stick Catalonotto or Hairston at 2B for couple weeks and finally get Botts up here? 

Has Jason Botts broken some laws or pissed off Jon Daniels in some way we’re unaware of? He’s hitting .320 with a .970 OPS and a 15-game hitting streak for the AAA Oklahoma Red Hawks while leading the Pacific Coast League in doubles.  What more can he do at that level?  What don’t we know that is keeping him in Oklahoma?

Meanwhile, Relaford was only hitting .257 with 2 stolen bases in 63 games for the Red Hawks.  Relaford may be the only remaining, healthy guy in the Rangers’ organization whose defensive play is close to MLB caliber at 2B, but team defense should be the last worry of a team that needs to rebuild.  Meanwhile, if say, Cat were able to show that he still has a little something at 2B, doesn’t his trade value go up as a solid utility man for a contender?

This is a scary sign that the Rangers front office is actually trying to win instead of develop players… unless Little Jon DanielsHart thinks some team in contention is looking for a career .244 hitter as that final piece that will put them into the World Series.


3 responses to “Relaford? What? Are We Trying to Pump Up His Trade Value? Where’s Botts?

  1. I have to agree man. Of all the people they could’ve called up. They choose the well-traveled Desi relaford. Team management might say they don’t want to bring up Botts because they would have to send him back down when one of their infielders is healthy. But if that’s the case then why not call up supposed “stud” prospect German Duran, even if it is only for a few weeks. Even with the recent winning streak, some of the moves the team has made don’t make much sense.

    But what do i know….

  2. rangersorrobbers

    More than JD. It makes more sense to put you or me at second. There’s nothing to learn in putting Relaford in. I haven’t played competitive baseball since I was 11, but maybe I have some upside somewhere. We know Desi doesn’t!

  3. I saw German play the monday night he hit the ball well and homered just about out of the dp ballpark.I don’t think they want to rush him up, All though I do think he should be in AAA. Also as for Catalonotto not playing 2b I think he should and they should call up nelson cruz he is also on fire but as far as botts, he should be on the major league roster

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