Latest Trade Rumor: Otsuka to Phillies for Michael Bourn

I’m not a fan of this one.  If it were Jason Bourne from the Bourne movies and books, you bet.  But while Michael Bourn  seems to be loaded with speed and potential, he doesn’t seem to be breaking out – it looks more like he’s flaming out.

For as long as – well, forever – the Rangers have needed two things. The first most people know about: STARTING PITCHING. That’s always stunk here. The other, especially since the opening of The Ballpark, has been a great defensive center fielder who could preferably also hit leadoff and steal some bags. The Rangers have had one or two such guys pass through or show brief flashes, but outside of pitching, this should have been a focus long ago (which is why I would have traded for the young Carlos Beltran when he was in KC (perhaps during that brief period when he lost his job to Johnny Damon) – and that’s not just hindsight being 20/20 as I said so at the time).

Anyway, the Rangers could and should do better for the return on talent and impact they get if they move Otsuka.


4 responses to “Latest Trade Rumor: Otsuka to Phillies for Michael Bourn

  1. not a big fan of Michael Bourn but you never know what could happen, maybe if the phillies would include a young class AA pitcher with high potential but bourn a minor league .270 hitter doesnt get me too excited

  2. And he prob. shouldn’t man. From what i know he’s a light hitting outfielder with some speed. But he’s struggled to hit above .270 in the minors.

    I think we might see otsuka go to the mets. They’ve been looking pretty hard at chad cordero and john rauch and have been discussing a possible Lastings milledge trade. But wouldn’t Aki be an instant upgrade over those two. Omar Minaya GM of the mets has said that he didn’t really want to trade for a rental player. But he wouldn’t have to worry about that with Otsuka, who would be under their control for another 2 seasons. But because of this reason could Otsuka possibly be worth more than just Milledge. How bout a deal for Carlos Gomez or Fernando martinez and mike pelfrey.

    ….that might be asking for too much.

  3. rangersorrobbers

    I’m not sure, but I think this season’s market could pay a premium for closers. Several teams who are or want to get into contention REALLY need closers. And if the Rangers are going to part with Oki, it looks like he might be the only non-rental on the market (certainly the only guy with two more seasons on his quite friendly contract). I think Daniels needs to really shoot the moon if he moves Oki.

  4. JD better be shooting for the moon. He wasn’t even aiming for the ionosphere when he was shopping Soriano. Michael Bourn seems like a slightly younger version of Joey Gathright, light-hitting outfielder who can run (“light” might be a bit too generous). Not worth Aki. If the Phillies want to talk, they better be willing to part with Carlos Carrasco. Ok, maybe Carrasco is too much to ask for but Michael Bourn is not exactly “quality” return.

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