A Rangers Win in Boston Would Mean…

… our Texas Rangers would have a winning record for the month of June!  They’re 13-11 so far this month with two games left in June against the Red Sox. 

What does this mean?


Not for the long-term.  It does prove that the Rangers really were better than their start indicated, as most people believed.  That’s all fine and good.  But it’s still clear this team is not built to contend and needs to be rebuilt.  Keep letting the young guys play – they’re doing better than most of the old guys anyway.

But it does scare me that it may intice Tom Hicks to do something stupid to stoke the fire of hope and sell more tickets and plaster more ads on the Ballpark so he has more money for building “(Where’s The) Glory? Park.” 


One response to “A Rangers Win in Boston Would Mean…

  1. that’s exactly what im afraid of man. I hope this burst of good play doesn’t confuse Hicks into thinking this team is closer than it really is. As much as i love the rangers, this team is going nowhere. And it’s not completely their fault. They won’t catch the anaheim angels. Their baseball’s hottest team. And they won’t be able to beat cleveland or detroit for the wildcard. Just make your decisions on the veterans, trade ’em or let ’em walk, and then go on about your business.

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