Announcing the 2008 Texas Rangers 25-Man Roster!

Well, since tonight’s game was rained out and the 2007 season has long been over, I thought I’d finish a post I’ve been thinking about for a while. 

I doubt I’m the only Rangers fan looking ahead to what might be in the cards for Texas in 2008.  If I were GM – and bi-POD Tom Hicks was willing to quit his hypocracy and take some meds for his bi-polar owner disorder to put some smart money where his mouth is – then this is what the Rangers would look like in 2008 (how new additions got here explained in parentheses):


  • C –  Adam Melhuse
  • 1b – James Loney (Teixeira Trade) or Nate Gold
  • 2b – Kinsler
  • SS – Young 
  • 3b – Blalock
  • LF – Cruz
  • CF – Torri Hunter (FA)
  • RF – Marlon Byrd
  • DH – Sosa???????


  •    C – Laird
  •   U – Catalanotto
  • OF – Botts
  •  IF – Ramon Vazquez


  1. Mark Buerhle (Free Agent)
  2. Kevin Millwood
  3. Zack Miner or Chad Billingsley (Teixeira Trade)
  4. Padilla
  5. McCarthy or Loe


  • R – Vasquez
  • R – Mahay
  • R – Benoit
  • R – Eyre
  • R – Murray
  • SU – Wilson
  • CL – Otsuka

The bullpen looks to be shaping up well.  Otsuka will likely be gone, but I’d keep him unless the offers are too good to refuse (and would then sign one of several FAs that will be on the market this offseason).

The rotation is much better with Buerhle taking the top spot and Miner or Billingsley in the middle, putting Millwood at #2 and Padilla at #4, which are spots they’re more suited for.  Buerhle would be my big signing.  I know his velocity is down.  But we need a lefty, and he keeps reminding me of Kenny Rogers (with a better attitude).  The guy just knows how to pitch and win.  Is it a Championship caliber rotation – no.  But it’s a big step in the right direction.

The offense will be better.  I worry about no big bat to replace Teixeira, but if Hunter could repeat his current season, he’d make up for much of the lost production.  Also, Sosa is listed as a question mark.  He’d have to cut down on his K’s for me to keep him.  If he can’t do that, I’d sign an aging power bat to come in, provide some production, and be a veteran presence while contributing to a building sense for winning.  But knowing next year is a stepping stone toward real, sustainable competitiveness, I like the look of the order and the opportunity for some prospects to show if they can bust out.  If not, I’d chase a big signing after the ’08 season.

My expectation would be for this team to finish somewhere just north of .500.  But expectations for 2009 would be to contend in the West, win it in ’10 and make real runs into the playoffs from 2010 – 2012.

BTW, I also happen to think this is Hicks’ plan because it syncs with his business interests, but more on that another time.


13 responses to “Announcing the 2008 Texas Rangers 25-Man Roster!

  1. While this would be almost a very ideal situation i think it is going to take alot of luck to end up with the team that you have come up with.

    First off im guessing we traded Tex to the dodgers for Matt kemp and James Loney, right?

    – Not too much of a stretch considering how hot of a topic its been lately, but in my opinion this deal is still not very close.

    Then we traded Eric Gagne to the tigers for Zach miner and Virgil Vazquez? That would probably be best case scenario for a return if we were to trade Gagne, i think.

    But, one thing,I don’t think the Rangers are going to be able to sign Mark Buehrle, It would be great if we could but i think he’s going to command somewhere around a 4-5 yr deal for around 55-70 mil. Then with the money we would have to commit to Torii Hunter – which would probably be around 5 yrs for about 70 mil- that could be an increase of around 30 mil a yr in payroll, and i don’t think there is any way that tom hicks will commit that much money to this team at this point in time.

    And while i like adam melhuses’ veteran presence, if their is anybody that will supplant Gerald Laird, I hope it’s Taylor Teagarden.

    I also hope that by this time next year, Joaqin Arias has taken over ramon vasquez’ position as the utility infielder.

    Just being nitpicky man, but here’s to hoping good things come soon…..

  2. rangersorrobbers

    I don’t think it’s nitpicking. Good points. And something worthy kicking around.

    The trade factored into my roster is either:

    Tex to Detroit for Miner and Casey (who’d be gone next season) and a prospect(s) that won’t be ready next year (since it looks like Andrew Miller has had the gaul to go and establish himself in the Tiger rotation before we could trade for him – although he’s yet to pitch against the AL this season);


    Tex to LAD for Loney and Billingsley (which is sounding better everyday).

    As for the $30 million increase in salary, that would still only put the Rangers at around $98 million (and that would be about $7M less if ARod opts out), which would rank them around 10th in the league while playing in the nation’s 4th largest market (total MSA). That’s not unreasonable at all. Especially since his eye will be on increasing attendance to increase traffic flow through Glory Park as it’s being built and leased. And remember, the post was predicated with the huge ‘IF’ of… “If I were GM – and bi-POD Tom Hicks was willing to quit his hypocracy and take some meds for his bi-polar owner disorder to put some smart money where his mouth is…”.

    And Teagarden? You must be a Longhorn! He may never make the Rangers roster. He hasn’t played a game in Bakersfield this year, and his long-term projections are not inspiring:

    Laird’s going to have to go (at least to the bench), and my hope is that Melhuse holds down the position until the Rangers sign Pudge for ’09!

  3. No man i actually hate the longhorns. But i think teagarden has got some real talent. Those stats you were looking at are very outdated it looks like. He is actually tearing bakersfield up at the moment, and figures to be called up to frisco sometime after the all-star break. He was very highly regarded defensively out of college and now has added a bat to his repertoire.

  4. I think y’all might have your numbers wrong. If you trade Teixeira that’s 12-15 million of the books right there. Then gagne’s 6 mill + bonuses will be gone, kenny lofton’s 6 mill and brad wilkerson’s 4.5 mill will be gone as well. You have some increase in what players still on the roster next year will be getting paid but not too much. That leaves you with about 20 million in free spending money just to get to what your at this year, so signing those two free agents might increase the payroll in future years but not next year.

    I agree Laird should be starting if he’s on the roster. Teagarden has promise but is playing in A ball, so it might be a year or so before he gets called up if he continues to do well.

    As far as outfielders go I’m interested to see what happens this year. It’s probably not likely that Botts, Cruz, Diaz, Byrd are all capable of everyday playing time, but let’s use the rest of this year to find out which ones are.

    Mahay is a free agent next year and will probably get traded this year, but deserves consideration to be resigned by us (I wonder if he’ll fetch draft picks if he leaves). Frankie Francisco doesn’t make the bullpen? Vasquez must be a minor league guy, does he take the place of Littleton, Rupe, Loe? We have so many options in the bullpen and that’s a very good thing.

    Loney is hitting over 450 this year, I sure hope we can get a Loney/Billingsly combination or even a Loney/Kershaw tandem. Nice post.

  5. rangersorrobbers

    UR right, BigD. I didn’t subtrract exiting salaries from the total in my reply. Tex is making $6.4M this year and is set to make $9 million next year. That plus Gagne’s $6 million would cover at least Hunter (not counting other vets’ contracts that should be gone like Lofton at $6M, WilKerson at $4.35, etc.). There’s about 2/3rds of what it may take to cover Buehrle.

    That’s illustrates another upside to the Rangers’ failing fast and letting the young guys have their chance. They’re cheap. Each one who makes it up in the next year or two clears the way for making smart free agency additions.

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  7. My team is sort of the same….

    C-Gerald Laird

    1b-Nate Gold

    2b-Ian Kinsler

    ss-Mike Young

    3b-Hank Blalock


    CF-Tori Hunter


    DH-Jason Botts

    1.Carlos Zambrano


    3.Zack Miner



    Herman Duran 2b
    melhuse c
    Tug Hullett if
    my team just a thought

  8. rangersorrobbers

    Kevin –

    Little to argue with there. If Duran and Hullett are ready – awesome! Zambrano would be almost as good a signing as Buehrle, although I’d rather take a lefty who’s had success in the AL. I think CZ is good, but a bit over-rated.

    One nit pick is Laird. He’s just not a starting MLB catcher IMHO.

    Also, what happended to Padilla in your scenario? Traded?

  9. Yes traded in the off season for some minor league players, in my opinion he is worthless

  10. rangersorrobbers

    Jamey Newberg made a good point recently about Padilla and Millwood. They’ll both be in a contract year in 2009 as the team has a option for 2010. I think Padilla especially needs that kind of motivation.

    So, he could be usable again just as the Rangers start to emerge from rebuilding to competing. I think the odds are against us seeing both McCarthy and Loe prove to be better than Padilla over the next 2 seasons. But in the meantime, I’m glad Padilla’s out:

  11. if they traded for some one who would they trade for

  12. what about johan santana they targeted zito they should get him or not

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