CONGRATULATIONS SAMMY SOSA! And Thank You for being here, but it’s trade time.

We interrupt the examination of the continuing bi-polar disorder and genuine insanity, insincereity and grifter-antics of Tom Hicks (did you hear his comments about his “mistakes” and JuanGone on steroids – more on that tomorrow) to say:


I’ve always liked Sammy.  Sure, he was probably juicing back when Bud Selig and MLB couldn’t care less, but then so were most players (in one way or another), including the pitchers he hit 60+ dingers off of in 3 seperate seasons (he’s still the ONLY player in MLB history to do that). 

And to see him come back after a terrible stint in Baltimore followed by a year off and perform (in the new steroid-free era) at the level he’s performing is really incredible when you think about it.  Controvery and all bull aside, the man is an extremely gifted hitter and a joy to watch.  So hats off to Sammy Sosa!

But now that Hicks got what he wanted most – a full ballpark for a couple games while fans waited for Sammy to reach this milestone – let’s get serious.

It’s time to trade Sammy Sosa

I was glad the Rangers signed him because there was no real downside to doing so with contract he got.  But the upside… time to cash in while Sammy has some market value!  No idea what that value may be or who may be most interested, but someone will cough up a mid-tier prospect or two to add Sammy’s bat to the back of their lineup for the rest of a pennant chace.  And the Rangers could use all the prospects they can get right now. 

Is there a Harold Baines Jr playing somewhere?


6 responses to “CONGRATULATIONS SAMMY SOSA! And Thank You for being here, but it’s trade time.

  1. 600 and howmany strike outs he sucks

  2. rangersorrobbers

    Shut up, Dave.

    His HR to K ratio is better than many power hitters.

  3. I don’t like the fact that he was actually caught cheating, but his time with the Ranger’s has been almost nothing but positive.

    I’m with you, thanks Sammy, it really was fun watching you. Go to a team you can help and let’s see if Jason Botts is a major league player and how good of a major league player he has the chance of being.

  4. rangersorrobbers

    BUT… it wasn’t his bat! ;-]

  5. I’d like to congragulate Sammy as well, But… I don’t think we’re going to get anything near what we expect for Sosa in a trade. While he still has a semi-dangerous bat he is too much of a liability for almost any NL team and won’t bring much back in the way of trade. So you say trade him to an AL right? Well most contending american league teams either already have a serviceable DH or have one coming on the way. About the only team that i think even needs a DH is the New York Yankees but they probably have enough hitting as it is. I guess we’ll have to wait and see….

  6. rangersorrobbers

    Hey AZ,

    Yea, I agree that the market is probably very small for Sammy, and I don’t expect much. But if we can get something of value, we should.

    If we can’t, let him stay! He’s on pace to hit almost 30 HRs with about 120 RBIs. If he can cut his Ks back a bit (which is likely for a guy comming back after pretty much 2 years away from the game), then he’ll be even more productive. I realize that at most, he’s got 2 more years in him at this level of play, but then he is an anomoly. His talent and drive… who knows what’s left. Maybe 700 HRs wasn’t such a crazy thing for him to say. I mean, it was crazy, but not as Tom Hicks crazy as it first sounded. So if he becomes the Rangers DH for another season or two… worse things could happen, especially if he does anything to help our youth along. Hard to find a guy who’s been through more and knows more about being a big leager than Sosa.

    That said, I’d still rather get something for him now. Let Daniels and his allegedly genius knack for numbers find some kid in some organization who might become a serviceable OF, 1B or C. Not holding my breath.

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