Robbers Evidence: Hicks’ Latest Move Shows Where His Focus Is

The Texas Rangers are languishing in last place.  Rangers fans are more frustrated than I remember them being in my 27 years as a fan.  The pitching has gone from bad to worst – as in contending for the worst-ever starting era.  The hitting has sunk to lows rarely seen in Arlington, especially since The Ballpark opened.  Defense has been so lousy that errors have consistently cost the team wins.

So what does the team owner do in response?

He appoints a new COO of Hicks Sports Group to manage the profitability of Glory Park in Arlington and Championship Park in Frisco.

In case you’re wondering, neither Glory nor Championship parks have anything to do with bringing Glory or a Championship to the Texas Rangers!  They’re Hicks’ newest real estate ventures – sports-oriented development anchored around The Ballpark in Arlington and Deja Blue Arena and the Roughriders’ Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco.  Basically, Hicks copy-cat developments after the success Ross Perot Jr. had at Victory Park and an effort to cash in on the amazing investment Jerry Jones is making next door with the Cowboys new stadium and related real estate development.

After moves like this (without a comparable move to focus on the team), the continuous declining performance of the Rangers since he bought the team 10 years ago, his insulting comments toward Rangers fans, the amount of talent he’s bled out of this organization, and his view that the Angels are “partners” with the Rangers, does anyone still think this jerk of an owner really gives a Rattatoule about building a winning baseball organization?


5 responses to “Robbers Evidence: Hicks’ Latest Move Shows Where His Focus Is

  1. I am a huge fan of the texas rangers, dallas mavericks,dallas cowboys,frisco roughriders and almost every other team in DFW. But the events that have unfoiled over the last few months have turned the metroplex into a laughing stock. The mavs axed in the first round, the cowboys blowing their playoff win and now the rangers drowning slowly into something below mediocrity. Hicks has destroyed the team and the franchise and the only reason the rangers had a good team in the late 90’s was because Hicks’ evil plan of dismantling the team had not taken full effect yet. The rangers have become the worst team in baseball and i don’t see any remedy for this. As i read everyone’s input all over the web, they’ve all got “quick and easy” fixes. But all of these plans hinge on the team being able to sign all of these top of the line free agents this off-season. NEWSFLASH!!! The rangers have never been able to draw top free agents here w/o offering them boatloads of cash and unless a player is crazy enough to want to come here ( torii hunter) that is not going to change anytime soon.

  2. rangersorrobbers


    I feel you.

    The only reason the Rangers were good in the late 90’s was because of the efforts of previous owners (who mostly stayed out of the way and let their baseball people do their jobs). We owe a lot of thanks to Doug Melvin and Johnny Oates for those few good years. If they hadn’t run into one of the greatest teams ever – the Yankees of the late 90’s (wow, it hurt to type that) – the Rangers would have almost certainly gone to a World Series and probably won one.

    I do think some free agents on offense could be attracted here. The problem is that everyone knows the Rangers’ ownership is not committed to winning. The same used to be true of the Mavs, until Cuban came along. Now the word is that players across the league are salivating at any chance to come to Dallas. He changed the organization culture, upped the class of the organization and how players and fans are treated 10-fold, and is above reproach on the issue of being committed to winning. I wish he or even Jerry would buy the Rangers. Heck, I wish Donald Trump would buy the team. Even he’d be better than Hicks!

  3. Well the development he promised years ago is now taking place because the cowboys are going to move in near them. He certianly has been one of the biggest reasons this team hasn’t done well.

    I feel a little hurt by AZ’s comments. In my blog I wrote about getting torii hunter here. But I feel good about my thought processes there. Below was written on May 23, 2007 by the star tribune in Minnesota.

    Rangers a fit for Hunter?

    During last year’s playoffs, Torii Hunter told the Star Tribune, “I love the Twins, but if I was a free agent, the first place I would try to sign would be with Ron Washington’s team.”

    Washington was soon hired as manager of the Rangers, who play 45 minutes from Hunter’s new home in Prosper, Texas.

    “I’ve thought about playing here because of my family,” Hunter said Wednesday. “But my main goal, no matter what I say — not being politically correct — I want to be with the Twins. I want to end my career here.

    “But if that’s not possible, this is one place I will look.”

    If you click on the Minneapolis Star-Tribune link it on this website it should take you to the article.

  4. Hey D no one wants this team to win more than me. And if that means bringing in torii hunter, carlos zambrano and mark beuhrle, than so be it. But it doesn’t make sense to me, even though the team has one of the worst outfields in the league, to bring in an aging outfielder to fill a hole -albeit a huge one- which will take at-bats from some of the rangers outfield prospects (And beleive me they do have some kc herren,john mayberry,chad tracy,julio borbon,john wittleman). I may be being a bit too hard on Hunter -after all he is having a career year , in his walk year of course- he is still a gold glove player and would be a great addition. But this reminds me of 4 seasons ago when the rangers thought they were closer than they actually were and went and signed ken caminiti,andres gallaraga, todd van poppel and jay powell among others. I say trade tex to either detroit, the suddenly surging yanks or the dodgers and get some good young talent. Get sosa,gagne,lofton and wilkerson outta here, get some talent back and bring up ian gold and jason botts. Play marlon byrd and victor diaz everyday and bring kevin mahar back. This team has some talent but they have to stop kidding themselves into being something that they’re not. The late 90’s rangers mashed their way to the playoffs and had solid pitchers who threw strikes. This team is lucky they play in arlington otherwise their offense might be worse than it already is.

  5. rangersorrobbers

    Great points, AZ.

    I completely agree with your take on what they should do this season. But, I like the vision of Hunter roaming CF – long the most important position at the Ballpark. If he hits 80% as well as he is this year – great. Combine that and one or two key signings with the young talent we have left (you have to admit the best of it is now playing elsewhere – like San Diego, Chicago and Milwaukee) and the talent we can get from these trades (especially Tex and Gagne) and the Rangers could have something by the 2009 season.

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