Robbers Evidence: Millwood Was “Good” (Enough) Today

The on-line and post-game coverage of today’s Rangers victory, and Ron Washington’s post-game comments, say a lot.  I guess it proves Einstein right again in that “all things are relative.”  Because reading and hearing reports of Millwood’s performance today, and listening to Washington, you’d think a good pitcher was on the mound for the Rangers today.

Not judging by this line: 

 Kevin Millwood Texas Rangers Bad Pitching 6.17.07

Did Millwood show signs of improvement?  Yes.  Finally!

Did he seem to get better after allowing the 8 of the Reds’ first 14 batters to reach base?  Yes.

But remember, this was the Reds – the “Rangers” of the NL – their record is only a half game better than the Rangers, and their team pitching and offense are rank similarly within MLB. 

So, when a team’s “#1” starter makes it through 6 innings with 4 earned runs (that’s a 6.00 era for the day) against the second-worst team in baseball and the manager responds with words like (as reported by T.R.):

  • “He was on a mission, and he accomplished the mission,” manager Ron Washington said.
  • “He was good,” Washington said.
  • “That’s the old Millwood, bend but don’t break,” Washington said. “It’s nice to see him get that rush going. He found out he still has it. From there, he kept on working.

… well, that’s a sure sign that you don’t have a good team. 


2 responses to “Robbers Evidence: Millwood Was “Good” (Enough) Today

  1. Miller and Miner for Tex seems likes a good deal for the Tigers. I think the only hold-up would be if their injured BP arms (Zumaya and Colon) don’t come back effective. The Tigers ‘pen is a wreck right now, and they really can’t deal anyone out of it unless they know they’ll be replaced by solid arms.

    Still, seems like a good offer with both teams getting good value.

  2. rangersorrobbers

    Yeah, health could be a snag on this one. But Kenny Rogers is reportedly going to make his first start of the season for Detroit this Friday! That’s huge for the Tigers.

    And, if they really want to go gang-busters, we’ll add Gagne and Lofton to the trade if they add Granderson. That would help their bullpen.

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