Teixeira Traded to Tigers!

A few weeks after Mark Teixeira returns from the DL and, hopefully, gets into form again quickly to prove his value hasn’t slipped, the title of this post should become a real sports pages headline.

After thinking long and hard, and researching who’s out there, what team(s) could benefit most from adding Teixeira and who can offer what the Rangers must get in return for Tex, Detroit looks to be the most likely destination. 

Consider what the Tigers have to gain.  By adding Teixeira – a significant upgrade offensively and defensively compared to Sean Casey – to their already potent lineup, they could continue to out slug anybody in baseball. 

They already rank first in the majors in almost every major offensive statistic.  But that is being driven by a career, MVP-pace season from Maglio Ordonez, career years from Placido Polonco and Omar Infante, and a power resurgance from Gary Sheffield.  One or two of those guys are bound to cool off – or worse, get hurt – for at least some stretch of the season.  And in the hyper-competitive AL Central, a couple of slumps could send the Tigers into third place and out of the playoffs in no time flat.

On the mound, there’s no organization with more major-league proven talent for starting pitchers.  Verlander and Bonderman will headline their rotation for years to come.  And with Kenny Rogers getting close to returning, if he’s just 75% as good as last year, then Chad Durbin and Mike Maroth (both pitching well this season) with continue to thrive in the 4 and 5 spots.  That sends Nate Robertson and his tired arm to the Tigers bullpen for long relief and spot starts. 

With Rogers back and Teixeira providing added insurance against a slump or two sending the Tigers offense sputtering out of contention, the Tigers would be favored to win the Central, return to, and likely win the World Series this season.  And they’d still have Tex next year to make a run in ’08 to then be the first team to repeat since the 2000 Yankees.  That’s how good the Tigers could be, and that’s what’s on the table for them if they grab Teixeira.

So what do the Rangers get in return?  A chance to climb out of the celler of MLB and the AL West – fast.  More on that tomorrow…


10 responses to “Teixeira Traded to Tigers!

  1. Hey man im gonna go back to a point that you had made in one of your earlier posts. The rangers have put a bit more value into teixeira than maybe what he’s worth. And that’s setting up the franchises’ players and fans for nothing but dissapointment. The team management is not going to be able to find any team that will offer what the fans think is comparable value to mark teixeira. I think maybe the best team to look at for good prospects would probably have to be the dodgers. Their minor league system is one of the best in baseball and has two positions that the rangers covet, pitching and OF prospects.

    Here are a few of their top prospects and the ones that would make the most sense for texas.

    Matt Kemp
    Andre Ethier
    Clayton Kershaw
    Chad billingsly
    scott elbert
    James loney
    andy laroche
    tony abreu

    If im the rangers, i’m careful not to scare the team away by asking for too much, but any discussion must begin with clayton kershaw or scott elbert. They are both around 20 yrs old and have risen through the minors very quickly. I would also look at James loney , If the rangers are going to continue to let Jason Botts die in the minors than they need to have a back plan at 1st and Loney would be a good fit.

    I know the team will be looking for a major league ready arm, but i would be careful with any guy that pitches in Chavez Ravine. That place is like heaven to a pitcher ( remember Chan Ho Park), so any results that are attained while pitching at that park should probably be doubled when translated to the ballpark in arlington. I would take a look at Chad billingsly though. He has a very good arm and actually has a better era on the road than at home, and has only given up 1 HR in 30 + innings of mlb work.

    sorry for the rant man. keep it up.

  2. As a Tigers fan, I would be willing to give up Andrew Miller only under the circumstance that Kenny Rogers and Nate Robertson come back healthy. Otherwise, he’s too valuable to their chances this year.

    Also, Cam Maybin won’t be traded. I’m sure he’ll show up on today’s post, but I’m telling you – it won’t happen.

    I think fair value is Miller, either Marcus Thames or Craig Monroe (Rangers pick one), and another of the Tigers top starter prospects (Jair Jurrjens or Virgil Vasquez). As I said before, Maybin’s not an option.

  3. oh beleive me. There are very few people who are untouchable in this league. And Maybin is surely not one of them. If the rangers throw in otsuka who still has 2 yrs left on his contract or gagne who has been very good this year and maybe another arm like benoit or wilson i think the tigers will sing a different tune. But if they cant get maybin I would go for a guy like Granderson, hes a good on base guy and plays solid defense. I guess we’ll have to wait and see….

  4. I agree, Maybin’s certainly not untouchable. Still, he’s arguably the 3rd most valuable asset the Tigers have (behind Bonderman and Verlander), and wouldn’t be moved in exchange for a 1st baseman. The Tigers would love to have Tex, but upgrading the offense just isn’t that critical at this point.

    Adding Otsuke or Gagne certainly drives the Tigers price up, as BP arms are their biggest need. I don’t know if that would pry Maybin or not – would have to think about it. As for Granderson, I can’t see him being traded, as the Tigers are trying to win this year and he’s a key part of what their doing.

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  6. rangersorrobbers

    AZ – I thought hard about the Dodgers, but I think the Tigers can offer better pitchers and will be more motivated to do whatever it takes to get a deal done as they are in the toughest division in baseball and are ready to win it all now if they can win the division and get past Boston (and I think they could do both by replacing Casey with Teixeira).

    As for outfielders, Texas can attract them through free agency – if friggin’ Hicks will ante up. If they don’t get Torri Hunter here next year, I’ll be PO’d! Even if he doesn’t continue the career-best offensive tear he’s on, the Rangers must have an outstanding defensive CF, and they couldn’t do any better than soon-t0-be 7-time Gold Glove winner Torri Hunter.

  7. good comments man but you see that’s why the rangers always get stuck with aging veterans and are forced to trade them at the trade deadline every year. While i love Torii hunter – he lives in my city !!!- the rangers just drafted Julio borboun. It makes almost no sense to sign a guy to a 3 or 4 yr deal for mega bucks when borbon could be ready by the start of the 2009 season. Other wise why didnt the team draft a corner outfield guy like wendell fairly. And while i agree with you that the tigers may have Andrew Miller, i dont know how interested the rangers will be in a guy like nate robertson. Something i’d like to mention is that while the tigers have a very talented starting pitching staff, i think the park mey help slightly. When I look at the dodgers i see some of the best young pitching in baseball. You’re right in that the rangers suck at developing their young arms but with a guy like scott elbert and clayton kershaw who are already at double a their isn’t much texas can do to mess them up now. And while chad billingsly isn’t quite andrew miller he is still very good and is only 22 yrs old. Who knows the ranger might be able to throw in another player and get a guy like matt kemp.

    It’s safe to say that im very excited about the next few weeks to come.

  8. rangersorrobbers

    Me too, but don’t forget the Rangers have screwed up plenty of pitchers at aa, aaa and the MLB level. And I think 2009 is very optimistic for Borboun. Plus, if he does make it, they could always move him or Hunter to a corner spot. CFs can make that transition in The Ballpark, while corner outfielders generall can’t.

  9. talking about park factor for Detroit being an artifical advantage and then touting the Dodgers pitching w/o mentioning the historical vast pitchers advantage there is not telling the whole story(though the last 1.5 yrs it’s a hitters park when normally it is one of the most severe pitchers parks..probably a short term anomaly).

    The Dodgers have a lot of good young talent and definitely are better trade partners. And Maybin is not getting traded for a 1b, no how, no way. Guillen was talked about moving to 1b at some point when he signed his extension this off season, as he is always getting hammy pulls and his SS D has been terrible the last 1.5 yrs.

    I don’t think the Tigers want Teix..he’l l be BIG $$ and they have to look at long term deals for Verlander Granderson and Zoom coming up in the next couple yrs..payroll isn’t an issue with Mr. Illitch but DD wants a long term competitive team. Besides every rumor I hear sez Teix wants to play in B-more back home…

  10. rangersorrobbers

    Haven’t heard one rumor that Tex want to play in Baltimore. Why would he want to go from very very bad to very bad?

    Tex will be a Yankee by 2009 according to many insider accounts. Steinbrenner and Co want him. He’d be 28 when he’s a free agent, and they’ll pay what it takes.

    In the meantime, the Tigers get Tex cheap for the rest of this season and next. That could easily put them over the top in the AL Central and post-season.

    And I didn’t mention Dodger pitchers. But you’re right that the Rivine has always been a pitchers park. I still don’t think they as much to gain or give as the Tigers. Detroit is in a win-now mode, so they’d do the deal.

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