Byrd, Byrd, Byrd… Byrd is the Word!

Well everybody’s heard about the byrdByrd Byrd Byrd
Byrd is the word

Don’t you know about the Byrd
Well everybody knows that the Byrd is a word

Byrd Byrd Byrd Byrd is a word

Well it looks like the Rangers may have found a corner outfielder worth keeping.  Marlon Byrd is on a career-tear, batting .486 in 10 games in June, including clutch hits in each of the last two Rangers game (one amazing come back, followed by an almost amazing come back).

IF he can stay healthy and consistent at even just 3/4ths his current pace, the Rangers should consider extending his contract for another year or two before he becomes a free agent again and finds greener (as in green dollars) pastures (ala GMJ).  Now’s not the time to make that call – it’s just been 15 games – but at this point we Rangers fans have to get excited about whatever we can whenever we can.


7 responses to “Byrd, Byrd, Byrd… Byrd is the Word!

  1. from here on out the jon daniels, ron washington, tom hicks, hell even don wakamatsu have to know that the rangers are pretty much out of contention this season. Even if the rangers can string some wins together i think the angels are one of the best teams in mlb and will be tough to catch. So right now the team has to do some “soul searching” if you will. They have to play victor diaz,marlon byrd,ian kinsler,gerald laird and michael young everyday. They need to call up jason botts and have him play first. When teixeira comes back from the D.L., you must still find at-bats for botts. It doesn’t make sense to give jerry hairston and ramon vasquez at-bats that could benefit botts or metcalf. The only reason to continue to give wilkerson, sosa and lofton at-bats is to pad their stats so that they can hopefully bring something back in return. Those are 3 players that do not figure into the rangers long term plans and they need to be dealt before one gets injured and their stock goes down.

  2. rangersorrobbers

    Word is that the team’s done the soul searching, and already plans to be sellers at the trade deadline – or sooner. The problem will be if Jon DanielsHart and Tom Hicks can get good deals done.

  3. yea thats the word. And it should’ve been the word for the last 3 yrs. The rangers have been kidding themselves trading away their much younger and more talented players for players that are cheap and decent at their position. tell me they couldn’t have gotten someone younger for alfonso soriano than brad wilkerson and termel sledge. Tell me they couldn’t have given John danks a shot in the rotation. The guy is only 21 and he’s already better than mccarthy.Tell me they couldn’t have gotten someone younger for chris young and adrian gonzalez. Aki otsuka is good, but he’s not even the best releiver on this team. The rangers need to commit to their younger players and not let them waste away on the bench or in the minors. Bring in prospects for the guys you trade, don’t bring in 30 year old outfielders who strike out 200 times a season. I dont mean to bash Wilkerson as much, because his stats are about par with what he’s done throughout his career, but the rangers were looking for a quick fix when they picked him up, and it hasn’t worked out. These failed trades lie on the shoulders of the owner and gm. Hopefully they get it right sooner rather than later.

  4. rangersorrobbers

    I won’t be holding my breath. As I’ve said before, the next 5 years for the Rangers (barring about a doubling of the team’s payroll through major free agent signings – which is a possibility when Glory park and the new Cowboys stadium open and Hicks wants to use the team to attract people to his income properties) hinge on getting real immediate and lasting value from the Teixeira, Gagne, Lofton, Cat, Sosa, Wilkerson, Hairston and other trades that should be done by the deadline. Post pending tomorrow on what the 2008 Rangers could and should look like – and if these trades are done right, they could be competitive again next year and contenders again by 2009. But that’s a BIG IF with Hicks and DanielsHart at the helm.

  5. Private Byrd, Marlon

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  6. rangersorrobbers

    Is that really you, Marlon?

  7. TradeTeixeriaFoundation

    marlon, yea right…what is your favorite food?

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