Fighting to Be Patient with Rangers Pitchers (Especially Kameron Loe)

After another bad Kameron Loe start earlier tonight, I started to write this post with the title “Time for Loe to Go… to the Bullpen.”  I’m weary of him only having 3 pitches, and I keep thinking that the Rangers should stop the bullpen-rotation musical roles and once-and-for-all put Loe in the bullpen.  I think he could become a great set-up man.

But then I remembered that he’s pitching for the worst team in baseball so far in 2007 and quite likely the worst team in baseball history when it comes to developing pitchers.

So why rush?  Loe would be more valuable if he became the starter he showed signs of becomming in 2005.  I looked it up on, and this was Loe’s record as a starter just 2 seasons ago:

KLoe’s 2005 Stats as a Starter

And in his 4 wins as a starter, he had an amazing 0.89 ERA.  His 2 losses featured a 8.10 ERA, but that was under Buck “I’m Too Lazy to Stroll to the Mound” Showalter who never seemed to know when to get a guy out of the game.  So, with a better manager, Loe’s bad outings could have been less dreadful and his stats would be even better.

I like Kameron Loe (click the his name listed in the tag below or the tag cloud to the right for previous K-Loe posts).  I like his intensity.  He’s got a Ranger spirit. 

But he is pitching for the Rangers.  The best way to develop him would be to ship him to San Diego, Milwaukee, Minnesota, New York, Atlanta – heck almost anywhere but here or Colorado – and then bring him back in free agency in a couple years.  Short of that, patience is a virtue that’s hard to develop.

And, IF just one guy between Loe, McCarthy, Wood or Tejeda (or Rupe or Hurley or Herrera or Koronka or etc.) could develop into a reliable, winning starter – then the Rangers could be just one free agent signing and one good Mark Teixeira trade away from having a – dare I say it – competitive rotation next year. 

After 35 seasons and only 1 playoff win, that would make being patient through more outings like tonight’s worthwhile.


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