Texas to Trade Teixeira?

Word has it that the Rangers will likely trade Mark Teixeira this summer.  He’s a Boras client, and is signaling that he won’t extend his contract before it expires after 2008, meaning that he and Boras plan to test the free agent market.  And, it doesn’t look likely that Tex will sign with Texas. 

So, unlike their past track record where the Rangers have let valuable players walk away for nothing in free agency at the end of a season because they thought they had a chance at the division or at least keeping fans interested along the way (e.g. Pudge, Rogers, GMJ, DeRosa, etc.), their MLB-worst record may smack some sense into owner Tom Hicks and GM Little Jon DanielsHart, forcing them to trade Tex now while his value is high (and in my book – overrated as he’s maybe the 7th best 1B in the majors – although his Gold Glove and youth do bode well).

All kinds of rumors have been flying around, including ones about Giambi (see previous post) that I hope the Rangers won’t entertain.  But with two months to go before the trade deadline, and no reason other than health to move quickly, let’s first consider what the minimum price be for acquiring Tex should be? 

A #1-capable, in the league now pitcher tops the list.  As The Ballpark is not the place and the Rangers are not a team built to help pitching prospects turn the mental corner necessary to become a winning #1 pitcher, all teams offering prospects for Tex need not apply.  This includes the Yankees and Phil Hughes.  Hughes might become the next Clemens somewhere, but if sent to Texas, he’s more likely to become the next Ryan Drese.  If the rumors are true that the Yanks are interested in Tex, the talking should start with Chien-Ming Wang.  But with the health of the Yanks’ rotation this season, I don’t think that’s likely.  But whoever comes knocking better bring a guy of Wang’s caliber and credentials – potential that’s been turned into performance at the major-league level for at least two successful seasons and someone who would be a leading candidate to be start on opening day for the Rangers in 2008, sending Milwood, Padilla and company down a notch in the rotation where they belong.

Depending on the quality of the pitcher, the Teixeira suitor should also bring a corner outfielder to the table.  Someone who’s ready to start playing today.  Unlike pitching, the Ballpark and the Rangers ARE built to develop offensive talent, so this could be a prospect who’s about to (or better yet, has already begun to) break into major league form.  A guy who can learn fast from Rudy Jaramillo,  and be ready to start in one of the corner outfield spots next season.

Finally, the Rangers need someone to man first base for until at least 2009 when Nate Gold, Kevin West or James Fasano might be ready. 

And those three requirements are just the ante in the Teixeira Texas Trade ‘Em Tournament.


6 responses to “Texas to Trade Teixeira?

  1. The Rangers should offer Teixeira a long term contract extension that is fair market value for his talent. If he rufuses, now is the time to trade him while you can get some value for him(unfortunately no one will give up a #1 pitcher for him) considering he has a year and a half left of use someone could get out of him plus he is hitting right now. This may be a pipedream, but with Arizona sitting 7 or 8 games over .500, maybe offer them Teixeira and another player on the big league roster(Gagne?) for Conor Jackson(struggling a little this year, but a future batting champ whose value could be at an all time low)to fill in at first base, outfield prospect Carlos Gonzalez(he will be a stud in the bigs, he is also struggling a little this year and they are loaded at this position) and pitcher Micah Owings. Like I said, this may be reaching, but if they could pull this off, this could help the Rangers for years to come in some areas they need some help. Just my 2 cents.

  2. rangersorrobbers

    I like the trade (but ain’t crazy about it) – IF it were for Teixeira alone for Owings, Jackson and Gonzalez. I know we won’t get a #1 for Tex, but we should be able to get someone who has #1 potential and has already developed into a middle-of-the-rotation quality starter, plus a hot offensive prospect, plus a fill-in 1B.

  3. I’ve heard rumors that the tigers are interested in Tex, but then i’ve also heard rumors that they aren’t. Since Zumaya is out with an injury would it make sense to package teixeira and gagne/otsuka in a deal for andrew miller and maybe maybin. Also, i doubt teixeira is the 7th best 1st baseman in the bigs. He’s the best first baseman in the west and he’s also a gold glover. If he had scott rolen and jim edmonds hitting around him he’d be putting up some ridiculous numbers as well.

  4. rangersorrobbers

    Thanks for the comment, Agent Zero.

    I’ve thought for a while that the Tigers make the most sense. They’re built to win now and for perhaps another 5 years. Nobody has a deeper rotation. If Rodgers returns just 3/4ths as good as last year, then they’ll have a battle-tested, ready to rise up pitcher to offer (I’ve been doing research for a post on the best trade options I see out there, so look for that in a week or two). But if the Rangers package Tex with Gagne (it would be Gagne not Otsuka because of contract status, not to mention health and reliability), they BETTER get more than Miller and Maybin.

    I was being generous re: Tex as the 7th best 1b in the bigs. He’s probably more like 10-12, depending how much you buy into Gold Gloves and his defense. Your point about who’s hitting around him is well taken, but even if you value him off what he did toward the end of last season (with Young and Lee around him), he still barely cracks the top 10. Which is why I think the Rangers should move him to third, where once he proves his glove can handle the hot corner, his value shoots way up. About twice as many teams might bid on Tex at third than Tex at first, because most contenders already have a solid first baseman and few have a 3B that could produce like Tex (and even fewer have both corner infield spots covered for this year and next).

  5. yea they’d better get more than those two….but they won’t. And at this point i think one of the worst moves the rangers can make to teixeira would be to make him a contract offer. Because once other teams catch wind of the money teixeira will be demanding those trade offers are going to get even slimmer.

  6. rangersorrobbers

    You’re probably right that they won’t, but maybe with his rear on the line, DanielsHart will pull a rabbit out a hat and actually make a trade that helps our club more than the other one.

    Great point about offering a contract now. I hadn’t thought of that!

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