Believe It or Not – Rangers Are Performing As They Usually Do

If you’ve been a Rangers’ fan for any time at all, you know that the team has always needed better starting pitching. 

Year-in, year-out it’s the same thing.  The offense produces at or near the top of the league.  The bullpen is decent or better, but spotty.  The defense is average or a bit worse.  And the anchor around the team’s neck is the starting pitching.

But it seemed as though this year was different in that things are bad on all fronts.  Well, further investigation says – not really.

The truth is, it’s really just a bad rendition of the same old story for the Rangers.  The team actually ranks 5th in the majors in runs scored.  As T.R Sullivan pointed out yesterday, “Rangers relievers entered (last night’s) game with a 2.95 ERA for May and a 3.63 ERA for the season.”

Defensive has been poor – worse than usual, but the starting pitching has be atrocious.  Not a single starting pitcher has an ERA below 5.00.  Tejeda leads the ratty pack with a 5.18 era.  Padilla = 5.52.  McCarthy = 6.35.  Loe = 6.38.  Millwood = 6.62.  And Wood = 7.02.  As a result, again as T.R. points out, the bullpen has alreay, “pitched 173 innings, the most in the American League.”  And thus, when they had a chance to keep a game winnable last night, they couldn’t.  Looks like things are more normal than they look at The Ballpark. 

So with pitching that bad, why aren’t Rupe and Volquez up here yet?  They couldn’t do any worse. 


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