Giambi? Just Say No!

I’ve read and heard rumors that people are suggesting the Rangers trade Tex for Giambi.  Please, Jon Daniels, show us you’re smarter than Giambi, and Just Say No!  He’s too old.  His production is in rapid decline, and last I checked, he can’t pitch.  If we have to trade Tex (and I believe we will have to), we MUST get some pitching and maybe a catcher or outfielder in return.  Pitching would be enough.  More ideas later, but for now – Just Say No to Giambi.

In the meantime, though, baseball might want to Just Say Yes to Giambi’s suggestion that more than the players should fess up to the mistakes made regarding performance-enhancing drugs’ impact on the game.  He may be the sloppiest looking player since John Kruk and a recovering substance and steroid abuser, but he’s actually right.  I agree with what I think he’s thinking – basically that everyone associated with MLB during the past 15-pluis years is complicit in the rampant abuse of steroids (etc.) and the players, their union, owners, the league, the commissioner, and even us fans – heck, even the mascots – should “man up” and take ownership of their share of the blame for letting steroids taint the great game. 


4 responses to “Giambi? Just Say No!

  1. Curt Schilling

    George Mitchell is a bald faced liar and creep.

    I hope Giambi injects ESPN/Disney with his female fertility hormones (chorionic gondatropin) hCG.

    Corked bats are great WWE-MLB theater.

  2. rangersorrobbers

    Wow. How cool. “Curt Schilling” commented on my blog!

  3. I strongly agree with you (and Curt Schilling) on this one: NO GIAMBI!! He’s old, he’s already had past physical problems, and he can only barely still play 1st base effectively. Oh, and we already have one player of BALCO fame on our team (who apparently wants to stay for ’08… *groan*). So no Giambi. We’d do much better getting some OF and/or pitching for Tex. I still say trading Tex, Padilla, and a throw-in player or two to the Angels for Vlad Guerrro and Dustin Moseley/Jered Weaver would be a good deal. I hear the Angels could use a power-hitting 1b anyway.

    P.S. I don’ think we need a catcher… Laird may be a dead weight in the lineup, but he’s a heck of a defensive catcher… remember what Tony LaRussa said about Yadier Molina last year?

  4. rangersorrobbers

    I don’t know what LaRussa said about Molina, but keeping a good defensive catcher is only worth being offensive dead weight if he calls a great game and makes the pitchers better. I’m not sure we’re seeing that. But Laird deserves, and with things being in the state they’re in will get more time.

    I don’t see that Angels trade happening. The Angels have Vlad locked up through the ’09 season (if they exercise a $15M option – and they’d be stupid not to). So Vlad the Ranger Impaler will be haunting us for at least 2 more seasons. I think the most likely option is Detroit. Others are rumored, but Detroit has enough great young pitching to be able to offer a great deal. Plus, they’re in the most competitive division in baseball, and already know that if they make the post-season they have the stuff to go deep. So, I think the Rangers have a chance to sell them on Tex being the spark they need to take the Central and a Championship while we’ll take a declining Sean Casey off their hands plus a ready-now pitcher and a pitching prospect.

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