Could I (Please Lord Let Me) Be Wrong about The Rangers Pitching Prospects?

Am I turning into an optimist, or is the Rangers rotation really showing signs of life?

I’m on record as stating that the Rangers and the Ballpark are not the club or stadium for young pitchers to hone their mental game and get over the hump from prospect to productive starter.  No one (except perhaps Kevin Brown) really ever has. 

But looking back at the last few starts from Tejeda and McCarthy, and there’s suddenly a lot of reason for hope.  If just one of these two develop enough in what has quickly become a “building” year for the Rangers to be a true, solid #2 pitcher, much less a #1, then 2008 starts looking really good for this team.  If that is compounded by Gagne finding good health for a year or two, the Rangers could turn things around quickly as the decade closes.

As I wrote last week, failing fast could be the best thing the Rangers have done in years.  The young guys are getting more playing time to develop, and are doing so sans the pressure of a pennant race.  Also helpful is the rash of veteran injuries.  I hate to see anyone hurt, and wish all the hurt Rangers a speedy recovery, but in the meantime, their absence is forcing management to give increasing playing time to the younger guys, which given their fan-fleecing mentality, they’ve been reluctant – even resistive – to doing in the past.  Now they have no choice, and it might be for the best in the long run.


2 responses to “Could I (Please Lord Let Me) Be Wrong about The Rangers Pitching Prospects?

  1. I think the Rangers are in a world of hurt. They’ve had a few good starts of late, but I thinks its time they start thinging about next year, and the year after that. If Teixeira keeps hitting well, trade him. If Sosa continues playing well, trade him. If Gagne stays healthy and pitches well, definetaly trade him.

    They don’t honestly stand a chance this year, or probably next year, so if they can get some good young prospects in return for some of their good players, they should do it. If they are honest with themselves, they will realize that they are not going to be able to sign Teixeira when he is a free agent, and Sosa is only here for the year, and Gagne could bring strong trade value.

    I hope they make some moves, and I hope they can get some good young players in the lineup next year.

  2. rangersorrobbers

    I agree – except for Gagne and the thought that they couldn’t get things together in time to be very competitive next year. While Hicks and DanielsHart have dealt away far more talent than they’ve acquired in recent years, leaving the cupboard depleted of trading chips, they do have enough left – especially with Tex on the trading block – and plenty of money for free agency (they’re only paying a pathetic $64 million in salary this year) to put togther a very competitive team next season – if they play their cards right. That’s a big IF with DanielsHart and Hicks at the helm, but I beleive I could do it if I were in their shoes. And if I could do it, I sure hope they can. More on how later.

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