Hank Blalock Gone ’til September and It’s O.K.

I’ll miss Hank; so will the team.  But despite a good start from Tejeda and an offensive surge tonight in Houston, this season is over (barring a miraculous 10+ game winning streak rolling forth from tonight on).

So now, Hank can heal.  He can get back in time for the end of the season and be ready for a better run next year.   There couldn’t be a better time for him or anyone else to get hurt.  Let the veterans have a slow year, and bring up all the yourh in the system for development.  For starters:  I like the idea from a commenter over on Elysian Fields to move Teixiera over to third and call-up Botts to play at 1B. 

While Hanks’s out, look for Sammy to be traded ASAP after he hits his 600th home run.  His stock is higher than anyone expected as he’s been taking care of business.  And while I really like Sammy, he is not part of the Rangers’ long-term future, so the smart move is to trade him ASAP and get a couple younger guys in here in return (preferably including a pitcher with 4-5 years in the majors who might be on a team looking to contend now but could use Sammy’s bat and wants to clear some salary from the pitcher who could take the 3 slot and a young outfield bat that could blossom under Rudy). 

Time for Little Jon DanielsHart to show if he can be a better seller than he’s been a buyer.  The problem is, what does he have to sell?  More thoughts on that ahead…


2 responses to “Hank Blalock Gone ’til September and It’s O.K.

  1. Over at Elysian Feilds, dwidregod did have a good point about Teixeira; Tex actually played third in his college days at Georgia Tech. There’s only one problem: Tex is going to be gone after 2008, which means we will probably trade him before that. So converting him to third at this point, with his Gold Glove history at 1st base, wouldn’t be a good idea. With the gold glove 1B pedigree, it would only detract from his trade value to move him now.

    As a Blalock fan, I’m sorry to see a Hank out, but you’re right, if there was such thing as a good time to be injured, it would be now.

    One more comment on your blog itself: I’ve read quite a bit of your blog, and it’s interesting. I don’t necessarly agree with everthing you say (okay… a lot of what you say), but you do have some good points, and so far, you’ve made good reading. Keep up the writing, I’ll keep reading.

    Jon – AKA lonestar_9

  2. rangersorrobbers


    Thanks for the comment, including the feedback about my writing. It’s actually not easy for me negatively criticize people. But after 27 years of being a Rangers fan (and having done some consulting for the team’s front office) and seeing their (the ownership/management’s) consistent focus on taking fans’ money ahead of winning, Hicks, Cogen and DanielsHart deserve the ire of every fan. So I will keep writing, and I appreciate that you’ll keep reading even when you disagree.

    As for Tex, I like dwidregod’s suggestion that Hank might have more trade value over at third. By my count, he’s currently about the 7th or 8th best 1B in the majors, and that’s not counting some better 1Bs who have moved primarily to DH. If he showed he could play 3B, he might crack the top 5 at the position, and the versatility would certainly add to his value.

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