The Upside of Failing Fast and Contemplating a Move from WordPress to Blogger

WordPress is making me nuts (almost as much as the Rangers are right now). 

Even with the $15 CSS editor, there’s a lot I want to do with this blog that I can’t seem to figure out.  For example, I want to add a quick poll to the sidebar.  And maybe some Google Adsense Ads or Amazon Rangers Products.  Can’t figure it out.  Know I can on Blogger.  But I like how the categories work on WordPress.  Am I missing some easy way to do stuff on WordPress or is Blogger just easier?  Would love to hear any thoughts or tips.

In the meantime, I’ve started (just barely as it needs a lot of work) a new home for Rangers or Robbers on Blogger.  Decision to move or not to move will follow in a few days.  Maybe a move will change the Rangers luck?  Nah – they just suck this year. 

At least they’re collapsing in May so Hicks, Cogen and DanielsHart can’t string us out until the usual Rangers August-September fade out.  One lesson about risk taking, is that if you’re going to fail, fail fast.  The Rangers have almost always dragged us through a gradual failing.  Failing fast could be the best thing this team has done in years.  It would make Little Jon DanielsHart a seller around the deadline (not that he’s kept a lot to sell – except Tex, but more on that later), and prevent him and Hicks from making some stupid deal that costs us dearly in the long-term just to keep the Rangers close enough that they can keep selling more tickets.  And then the young guys can play. 


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