Rangers Evidence: K Loe KO’s Water Cooler

Things are so bad for Rangers fans right now that I thought I’d post something positive.

I heard a report last week that after some errors and misplaced pitches in his last start Kameron Loe took some frustrations out on a water cooler in the dugout, and said some things about their performance not cutting it.  I love that!

Here’s a guy who’s trying – for like the fifth time – to establish himself as a major league starting pitcher.  I’ve never heard, and can’t really imagine, that he’s some kind of leader on the team.  But apparently, he was passionate enough about wanting himself and the defense to play better that he had to release some anger onto a cooler.  Cool!  That at least shows that he cares. 

And, while the real test will be to see how long they continue to care if the season continues to be pathetic, I believe that the guys on this Rangers team care.  In fact, that’s been an admirable trait of this team for years.  Despite the Rangers franchise’s complete lack of anything resembling a winning tradition – or really any tradition at all other than sub-par starting pitching and generally above-par hitting – the players always seem to care.  I can’t remember many guys pulling a “Rany Moss” and mailing in a game or a season when they’ve had plenty of reason to.

But unfortunately, competitive integrity and character alone can’t overcome ingenuous, non-committed ownership/management.  I’d be super pumped if I heard a report that – in a fit of frustration over bad trades, poor signings, continued loosing and no hope for a championship season within site – Tom Hicks threw some punches at his Cognac bar, sending some Louis XIII flying across the owner’s suite.  Now that would give me some some hope!


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  1. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

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