Robbers Evidence: Exhibit E – Next Worst in MLB

Well, I’m going to interrupt the series of posts about the Texas Rangers team Hicks/Cogen/DanielsHart COULD/SHOULD have put together to celebrate their ability to prove my case that they are perpatrating a circus-like fan-fleecing con game on Rangers fans… 

In the nation’s 4th largest market, the Rangers’ owner, president and general manager have fielded a team that ranks 21st in payroll amongst MLB’s 30 teams and now has tied the Rockies for Baseball’s second worst record, besting only the Royals.  Way to go management! 

By the way, the Rockies (MSA Rank: 21; Payroll Rank: 25) and the Royals (MSA Rank: 28; Paryroll Rank: 22… in a market with 1/3rd less people the Royals are spending just $1.2 million less than Hicks is paying the Rangers) are spending less to perform so poorly.  So our management is actually doing less with more!  That takes some real talent. 

Please, get serious about the team we love, or sell it to someone who really cares about winning!


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