Robbers Evidence: Exhibit D – The Usual Pattern

Any other Rangers fans tired of the same stories year-after-year?

For example, I think it’s pretty obvious how Hicks/Cogen/Daniels approach their “busines plan” for the season.  Basically, their in a division with only 3 other teams.  Thus, they scrap together a team in the Spring that will more likely than not, teeter along around .500 and still be in it after the All-Star break.  Thus, we keep watching – because their still competitive – albeit at the cheapest possible payroll (unless Hicks had a wild hair and signed one dude he has a man-crush on to $250 million dollars or something just to heat up his winter). 

Then, around the trade deadline, the Rangers become “buyers”.  We bleed talent out of our system and pull a short-sighted trade (or three) – all while us fans stay rivited and this go to and watch more games which puts more $ in Hicks’ pocket – intended to make a run at the post-season.  But, invariably, we don’t get the pitching we need and the team withers in the late summer heat, slowly, aggonizingly slips out of contention – while all just accept business as usual.  Then, about the time the Cowboys start getting attention, the wheels come totally off the Rangers, and the limp to the season’s finish line.  After that, the talent we got for the talent we shipped off doesn’t get signed for the next season, and the cycle starts again… usually with one intriguing off-season signing to get us all back on the hopeful bus.

Things look headed in the same direction this year.  But if Hicks/Gogen/Daniels were serious about building a championship-caliper team, they’d go get a couple guys NOW – whatever it took – and grab the division early while it’s still wide open, there for the taking.  Anyone want to bet against my call that it won’t happen, though?


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