Go Loe!

In a previous post, I claimed the Rangers made the “Wright” decision in slotting Jamey Wright into the 5 spot and Loe into the bullpen.  Even after Wright flunked out of the 5 spot, Loe stunk out of the bullpen and Loe made a very strong first start, I still think that was the only call the Rangers could make coming out of camp.  And if you haven’t noticed, I’m no fan of the front office and would normally pounce on an opportunity to flog them, even if meant admitting I was wrong.

But, Wright had shown “electric stuff” in camp, and knowing they have one of the worst rotations in baseball, the team-changing “what if” wild card possibility that Wright presented had to be played. 

And so it has.  And consistent with tradition, the Rangers didn’t catch lightning in a bottle – not with Wright.  And not with Loe in the bullpen.

But link Saturday’s start to Kameron’s Spring, and it looks like a storm-front might be moving in.  One where K-Low might be the lightning in the Rangers’ bottle.

But let’s not get too worked up yet.  Loe’s shown potential before.  I still think he needs a fourth pitch.  And, he’s fighting a heap of tradition of Rangers could-be pitchers who quickly found themselves could-have-beens (or if they’re lucky, off to another team where they more often than not flourish comparatively) victims to the merciless Ballpark mound and big-inning needy offense that wreaks havoc on young pitchers striving to develop the mental edge needed to succeed in the major leagues. 


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