Robbers Evidence: Exhibit C: Recent Trade History – Part 1

If the Rangers’ front office was serious about doing more than fluttering around .500 and just staying close in the West so we tune in and buy tickets, then their trades and free agent activity would show it. 

Instead it shows quite the opposite.  It shows a history of:

  • not spending money in the right places (instead spending it on Hicks’ latest whim – if at all),
  • not knowing who to keep and who to trade and when to do both
    • if you clearly don’t intend to resign players who have mid-season trade value (e.g. Pudge in 2002 or Rodgers in 2005) then why not trade them and get some serious talent in return?  Answer – because doing so might have hurt short term ticket sales which matter more to Hicks and Cogen than building a Championship franchise
  • spending like a small-market team (2007 Payroll ranks 21st in MLB) even though the team is centered in the nation’s 4th largest market.

Don’t agree?  I’ll bet you right now that I could put together a 25-man roster comprised of recent ex-Rangers that would be better than the team’s current roster!  And it would be SIGNIFICANTLY better than the team’s current roster!  And if that’s not a sign of poor ownership and front office incompetence, I don’t know what is!

Look back here tomorrow night for my coulda-shoulda-been Rangers 2007 roster (the first in a week-long series examining recent and current player to spotlight Rangers’ front office/ownership ineptitude), and I think you’ll agree the Rangers could be running away with the AL West and posing a serious bid for a 2007 World Championship with the ex-Rangers roster. 

In the meantime, who do you think should be on my roster of recent, still-active ex-Rangers?  And who’s still on the team today that should have been shipped elsewhere by now if we had a competent front office and ownership interested in a championship?  Share your thoughts – click on the word comments below and fire away!


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