Robbers Evidence: Exhibit B: Recent Tom Hicks Quote

Tom Hicks recently provided staunch evidence for the assertion that his organization exploits fans in a circus-like fan-fleecing con game perpetrated by ownership and the front office. 

Back on March 19, in the midst of the excitement that the name “Ameriquest Field” was being thrown aside and a “branded” rendition of the true name that real fans always called the stadium – “Ballpark in Arlington” – was returning, Hicks said the following:

“The Cowboys are building the finest football facility in the world and we have a huge development coming of Glorypark. The perception of the value of your brand has changed. Look at our partners, the Angels.”

I about came unglued for at least 4 reasons.

First.  PARTNERS?  PARTNERS?  Are you kidding me?  The “We’re not sure where we are” Angels are the freakin’ enemy!  They clobber us.  They’ve kept us from the post-season several times.  They’ve won more than one playoff game in their franchise history (meaning more than the Rangers), and they’ve been to the post-season 2 of the past 3 years.  And they’ve won a friggin’ World Series!  They are NOT our partners – they are the competition – the competition that’s been whipping the Rangers for some time. 

Only an owner more concerned with the business of fleecing his team’s fans out of all the money he can while he offers up a paultry $64 million team salary in the nation’s 7th largest market would dare call the Angels our partners!

I’m so ticked thinking about it, that I have to go cool off and will get to my other frustrations with this comment later…


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