Rangers Evidence: Second Witness – Rudy Jaramillo

While an 0-3 start in Anaheim has me leaning toward a Robbers Evidence post, I decided to focus on a bright spot and write a Rangers Evidence post (click About above for more on what that’s about).

Rudy Jaramillo stands as a strong witness supporting that the true soul of this franchise is that of a Ranger – relentlessly fighting for victory.  That this team has kept him (and paid well to do so) says something, as does Rudy’s seeming ability to produce above average Major League hitters almost at will. 

If hitting a baseball is, as many say and I believe, one of the hardest things to do in sports, then teaching someone to do it with well must be the hardest coaching job in sports.  Dozens of past and present sluggers prove that Rudy is the best (perhaps ever) hitting coach in the game – and you don’t become the best at something without a relentless pursuit of excellence. 

At least two batting titles and 3 MVP awards should be largely attributed to Rudy – and those are just the ones guys won while still with Rudy, not counting the batting accolades won by players who learned from Rudy and moved on to other teams.

If everyone in the organization dedicated themselves to the pursuit of excellence the way Rudy has, then there would be no debate about the character of the Rangers franchise.


One response to “Rangers Evidence: Second Witness – Rudy Jaramillo

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