Comment: Wright decision on Loe

Cameron Loe’s been spectacular this Spring and has the capacity to continue performing at this level for a long career as one of the best middle-relievers in baseball, and the Rangers will be better off for it and so will he.  With only three pitches, Loe is sunk as a starter.  As a reliever for a team with major problems in its rotation, Loe will shine.  I think and the Rangers will be better off for it.

And, while Wright is starting to slip from his remarkable start this Spring, he’s still has the potential to be the Rangers’ best starter this season.  Millwood and McCarthy need to step it up starting next week in Anaheim, and Padilla and Tejeda can and must do the same.  Otherwise, Loe will be getting a starting nod by May.


4 responses to “Comment: Wright decision on Loe

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