Rangers Evidence: First Witness – Michael Young

The original Texas Rangers – the ones on horses who carried six-shooters – worked to uphold the law and protect the peace.  Their unofficial motto, “One riot, one Ranger,” was a testiment to the heartiness and dedication of each man who earned his Ranger badge.

If any player on the Rangers’ current roster embodies the spirit of the team’s namesakes, it is Michael Young.  His dedicated approach to his job – whether the team is winning or losing, in the race or not – conjurs images of a gritty man on a mission with integrity in his soul.  And in riotous times (losing streaks, clubhouse upheaval, the next hare-brained Jeff Cogin promotion campaign, etc.), Young is the one Ranger we can count on to perform and to lead.

He was justly rewarded for his attributes, attitude and achievements this Spring with a new contract extension.  In the face of poor ownership, uncertain pitching, an outfield with more question marks than an IRS form, on a team with no winning tradition and an addiction to annual late summer withering, Michael Young stands tall as the one Ranger who offers hope and justice for Rangers fans. 

He is in a unique position to rally the odd collection of raw, ripe and receding talent that will comprise the 2007 Rangers roster.  And if he succeeds, while continuing his own consistent contributions, maybe we’ll see some real Rangers ride again and make a run well into October.  Wouldn’t that be a riot!


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