Why Rangers or Robbers?

The theme of this site will be a focus on comments, insights and observations on the Rangers’ season, the players’ achievements and struggles, and the circus-like fan-fleecing con game perpetrated by ownership and the front office. 

My theory, supported by years of actions from ownership is that Texas Rangers fans are the most exploited lot in all of professional sports.  My dream is to influence a few fellow fans toward my way of thinking, and in turn lead a fan revolt that will force Rangers ownership to get real about winning.  I dream big.

For 35 years, the Texas Rangers, especially under Tom Hicks and GM “Little Jon” Daniels, have never seriously sought to build a winning franchise.  Their top goal is not to win, but to sucker us to The Ballpark (oops… Amerique$t Field) by staying competitive each season against only 3 division rivals at the cheapest possible cost as late into the season as possible.  Then, if they’re in the hunt at the trade deadline (which they usually are because it’s hard not to be when you only have 3 competitors in your division), they put together (almost annually) a hare-brained deal to make us think they’re serious about making a run (thus selling a slew of extra tickets for the ridiculous hot game nights in August and Sept).

But then another annual Rangers tradition kicks in as the consistent lack of pitching withers our chances down the stretch, and we’re sliding out of the realm of contention just as the Cowboys start camp.  And true fans (yes – I really am one) are left with a bag of “if only” and more heartbreak – of which we have more than any other fans in baseballdom.  Who else has four times as many League MVPs as they have playoff games won?

More on both theories and the team’s play as Spring Training, the season and roll on.  I hope you’ll visit often, and will consider whether our team are Rangers or Robbers… or both?


One response to “Why Rangers or Robbers?

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